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    NOTE: This announcement was tucked into another thread awhile back, and so we\'re repeating it here as a sort of New Year\'s message. This is not to add to the already spiralling and nearly out-of-control buzz and excitement surrounding this pioneering project _ in other words: not to be self-serving _ but rather to start what we\'re sure will be a very constructive dialogue about articulations and bit-depth and our extraordinarily acute mic placement choices and such and to foster a warm, give-and-take partnership between you, the end users, and we, your humble servants who just happen to be avatars of virtual instrumentation and, surprisingly, don\'t have any ego issues that we need to hash out here on the NS board.

    Expected in the first quarter of 2004: ``HUGER THAN HOLLYWOOD\'\' - a comprehensive, high-end sample library and custom performance software.

    Where do you go when you\'ve got all your brass at full blast, far-miced for huge ambience, timpani pounding at fortissimo, while maxing out on huge exotic percussion strikes -- and the sound STILL needs that extra OOMPH? Turn the amp up to 11, as it were, and reach for ``Huger Than Hollywood.\'\'

    A crew of seven studio engineers with PhDs in audiodynamics and one zany, knock-down, wacked-out producer have travelled through seven continents to look for the hugest and loudest instruments to be sampled in the most ambient possible environments on the planet _ and beyond (see last item). We\'re sampling most of these instruments in about 24 different articulations, WITH EACH ARTICULATION AT 128 VELOCITIES, so naturally we needed our own custom sample-delivery-virtuoso-performance-achieving software, programmed by a team of MIT engineers.

    Here\'s just a small list of some of the instruments:

    The Lost Mega-Horn of Shangri-La: We uncovered this lost Himalayan classic, which is about seven times longer than any known Alpenhorn, and sampled it in a specially chosen Tibetan valley to obtain its originally intended ambience. The reverb tails on this instrument last nearly two hours.

    The Millenium Gong: The result of a little-known project in Mongolia is a huge gong with a diameter of 389 feet, typically struck with cannonballs for earth-shattering smashes. We\'ll be sampling it in 24 different articulations.

    Angus in the Hangar: We sampled Angus Young playing through a stack of 84 Marshall amps at an enormous hangar formerly used by the U.S. Air Force in the South Pacific. Samples and phrases.

    The Machine-Gun Effect: OK, forget for a moment about AVOIDING the ``machine gun effect\'\' and get really with it, by EMBRACING it, with our custom Machine-Gun Firing Squad. We sampled a crew of eight Colombian rebels simultaneously firing Kalashnikovs in a massive colonial-era church.

    The Big Bang: We can\'t give too many details yet, but we\'re in negotiations with some former Soviet scientists in Kazakhstan for delivery of rocketry and nuclear devices that will be used to knock one of the smaller planets out of orbit and into a collision course with another planet (not Earth). We don\'t want to tip our hand and reveal which planets. Needless to say when these two babies collide, the sound will be HUMUNGOUS. We\'ll be capturing that cosmos-rattling concussion in pristine 128-bit sound, with mics situated at eighteen locations throughout the solar system so that users will have a MASSIVE amount of options for custom tailoring the sound. We\'ll even record the seismograph readings in Golden, Colorado, for ambience tweak-heads. Note: This instrument will come in one articulation only.

    The Huger Than Hollywood Team

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    (HTH. Sheesh. Some people have no taste in music.)

    For those connoisseurs who savor truly sublime musical creation tools, we will be releasing the Micronesian Piannisimo Symphonic Library in 2004.

    Each instrument is sampled at infinitely quiet velocity levels. Knowing that the enlightened composer wants control over the slightest inaudible detail, none of our samples exceed the sound pressure levels produced by a butterfly\'s wings in a cave in Bolivia. (And Bolivia is a long swim from Micronesia!)

    We spent no expense in creating our \"Truly Silent Stage\" (tm) - the key to our sonic control and grace.

    As a preview, we offer a demo of \"The Sounds of Silence\" at our website: http://www.mpsl.co.micronesia

    You\'ve never heard anything. Like it.

    The Micronesian Piannisimo Symphonic Library. Coming to an anoechic chamber near you. Scheduled release: the fifth quarter of 2004.

    Tasteful. Subtle. Silent.

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    Uh, the link\'s broken... [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

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    Obviously, your uncultured browser lacks the breeding to appreciate our silent website. Try going back and downloading our invisible browser. I can gaurantee that it\'s 100% bug free. We settle for no less than perfection at MPSL! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Hey Arch, is that the same library that comes with an earthquake plug-in?. I\'ve sent in a request for the next up-date: everybody in the whole world should be recorded shouting basic proto-indo-european mono-syllabic words simultaneously. Thought we\'d start with BOO.

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    Originally posted by JonFairhurst:
    none of our samples exceed the sound pressure levels produced by a butterfly\'s wings in a cave in Bolivia.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">SPECIAL: HURRICANE SAMPLE PROJECT--PREORDER DISCOUNT!

    As per mathematical analysis, the butterfly\'s exertions will surely create a hurricane in the West later this year.

    NOAA will be releasing a 24 bit, DVD-only, \'Hollywood enhanced\', user-friendly plug-n-play sample set of the predicted Force 5 holocaust no later than 3Q of 2004. Look for us at \'05 NAMM!


    --At LEAST one wooden shack collapsing, with stovepipe, in eight velocities

    --Roof lifting off of the Austin, Texas, Wal-Mart (patrons\' dying screams FREE). Three mic positions: near, medium and far. Get the Southeast Austin citywide Impulse *here*!

    --Floodwaters breaching the New Orleans levee system (three articulations: Burble, Brook, and Cascade)

    --Oklahoma tornado patch: velocities F1 - 5

    NOTE: F5 samples are looped (duration eight seconds, one articulation only) as a result of truncation of the original samples--the sampling technician perished during the recording session.

    --Rainwater plus wind: eight velocities, included FREE, plus Stomps, from the tob Website!

    *NOAA assumes no liability for potential differences between the predicted and actual wind forces resulting from changes to the mathematical model related to the butterfly\'s change of location from China (the currently accepted model) to Bolivia (the proposed model). In the event of a hemispherical reversal of predicted conditions, NOAA will work with Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian or other regional weather agencies to obtain the appropriate samples. NOAA will not be liable for English language translations of the dying should this be the case, i.e. \'wooden shack with stovepipe\' occupant samples may be recorded in an Asian language that may include Malaysian, Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese, Tagalog, or others.

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    I certainly hope you give us individual access to the wav files for the sample library! And no dongles! I desparately need a perfectly tuned F-5 tornado for my upcoming production!!!



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