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Topic: Need critique / help.. please have a listen :)

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    Need critique / help.. please have a listen :)


    I like it, but there\'s something odd about the strings part.. I can\'t put my finger on it. Maybe it needs to be filled out with the horns. Or maybe something with the counterpoint is strange. Anyone?

    Thanks for listening!

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    Re: Need critique / help.. please have a listen :)


    well it\'s not that odd. However, I think I heard some parallel 5th\'s in the strings. If true, then it\'s NoNo if you\'re seeking a true counterpoint.


    Ps. If you send me the score, I could check it out for you.

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    Re: Need critique / help.. please have a listen :)

    For a guy who doesn\'t profess to know much theory, I\'d say you do pretty well indeed. I
    especially like your realistic soundstage- I really feel like I\'ve got a seat up front and center for the orchestra.

    I\'ve noticed that you don\'t have violas toward the center. Could you possibly enhance the string sound by doing this? I know it tends to obscure the woodwinds, which are very unobstructed as is. Anyway, I think you have a winner. Keep up the good work!

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    Re: Need critique / help.. please have a listen :)

    Thanks guys!

    I think the problem is this: towards the end of the string part , the bass (cello + bass, doubled) hit a C that sounds weird. The whole bass line from where the strings come in goes like this:

    D C Eb D Bb C D A

    That third-from-last C is the culprit, it doesn\'t go. In fact, maybe even the Bb before it sounds out of place. I\'ll have to tweak it later to see if I can make it sound nicer.

    Thanks for listening, glad you like the piece [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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