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Topic: Experiencing 'Dropouts' in GSt 96 and Cakewalk PA 9

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    Experiencing \'Dropouts\' in GSt 96 and Cakewalk PA 9

    I have been getting \'dropouts\' everytime when I try to record an ambient song on track 13 in Cakewalk PA 9. The sequencer freezes up when I record but the sound plays for a little while then stops and says \'dropout\' at the bottom of the screen. My CPU is clocked at 80 to 82 in GSt 96 when this happens.
    I did lower my graphics hardware accelerator quite low and am wondering if this is making the CPU work even harder because everytime I switch from GSt to Cakewalk, the redraw screen moves very, very slow.
    I only have about 2 more tracks to finish my song and my song isn\'t even that complicated. It\'s just an ambient piece using about 13 tracks mostly phrases and textures, no melodies or anything. I even unloaded a few sounds on GSt to see if that might help lower the CPU but it still hasn\'t.
    I have a Pentium 3 667 MHz, 128 megs ram, 8 gig drive for programs and 30 gig drive for audio. My soundcard is a Delta 1010 which says could be causing the problem when the \'dropout\' dialog box comes up. I thought this soundcard was supposed to be pretty damn happenin!
    I would appreciate any help or tips from anyone so I can finish my song.

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    Re: Experiencing \'Dropouts\' in GSt 96 and Cakewalk PA 9

    Well, the last one\'s always to be tougher than the first one\'s! Just Kidding!
    Quick Solution see (1), longRun solution see (2)

    1> From Cakewalk, track-Windows, to archive about 5~10 recorded tracks (audio) while record the new 14/15th audio tracks (Right-Click on it/them, choose Achive).
    You can achive all 13 recorded tracks as well, just like you record the first instead the last...the system is runing out of resources, I guess.
    2> Add more Meeeeem...to 256MB would helps
    Good lucks,

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    Re: Experiencing \'Dropouts\' in GSt 96 and Cakewalk PA 9

    I figured out what the problem was. I simply had to many reverb effects going on 13 tracks with different reverb settings and it was making my CPU work harder. I don\'t believe my problem had anything to do with my ram because the \'memory\' meter has it clocked at only 27 percent.
    I took 2 reverbs off of my tracks and the CPU went back down to 62 and everything recorded fine again.
    I used some of the same sounds but put them on different tracks therefore I had to put different reverbs on each track. Next time, I\'ll just route the sounds from the same midi channel to a different track and that way I can still use the same reverb and keep my CPU lower. Simple!
    I don\'t know about ya\'ll but I\'ve been loving Gigastudio 96! It has been working great(knock on wood) with Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 and the audio capture to wave works great as well.

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    Re: Experiencing \'Dropouts\' in GSt 96 and Cakewalk PA 9

    I agree. Even though GS is still a growing product, I finally have mine working well enough to love it. I use CWPA9 too, and the capture to wav feature in GS is great!


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    Re: Experiencing \'Dropouts\' in GSt 96 and Cakewalk PA 9

    Hey Ron, are you running Cakewalk audio +mid + Giga on the same machine?!

    If so I\'d really like a description of your setup.


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    Re: Experiencing \'Dropouts\' in GSt 96 and Cakewalk PA 9

    I\'m running Cakewalk Pro Audio 9, Gigastudio 96, and Cool Edit Pro on the same machine.
    I\'ve got a Hewlett Packard 667 MHz, 128 megs ram, 8 gig drive for programs, 30 gig drive for audio. I\'m also using the Delta 1010 for my soundcard.
    I only run into problems when using alot of the NFX reverbs on different channels in Gigastudio. My CPU goes up to 86% and I experience dropouts in Cakewalk. I guess my processor just simply can\'t handle it. Other then that, everything is working like a gem.

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    Re: Experiencing \'Dropouts\' in GSt 96 and Cakewalk PA 9


    Yes, I\'m using one computer for GS160, MIDI, CWPA90, and Jammer 4.0. My use of this system is pretty basic. I don\'t use any of the effect in GS. Although I did use the Reverb and it sounds amazing. Maybe if I get a faster computer. All of my recorded audio will be via the \'capture to wav\' feature in GS. All other recording (vocals, guitar) will be done in SonicFoundry\'s Vegas Video software where I will arrange all my tracks.

    - PII/333 with 256MB RAM.
    - 30GB 7200 RPM EIDE hard drive.
    - VooDoo 3500 video card.
    - Echo Audio Darla24 with 5.06 driver.
    - Ensoniq AudioPCI card - I use this for Windows sounds or games and the MIDI port.
    - WindowsME.
    - GigaStudio 160 version 2.01.25. I have it configured for 96 voices, but the meter never seems to go over 65 voices even when I know I\'m saturating it.
    - Cakewalk ProAudio 9.03 - I don\'t use any of the audio functions in Cakewalk - just MIDI.
    - Jammer 4.0 - I use this for MIDI stuff only too.
    - Vegas Video.

    Alesis QuadraSynth Plus Piano. I only use this for triggering my sounds in GS.


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