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Topic: Search for percussion trigger, pulse emitter

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    Search for percussion trigger, pulse emitter

    I know now that there are many drums and percussion sounds available. But is there a application available which supports me with complete grooves?

    I visualize that in a way like you can see it at keyboards. There you can choose a music style like tango or rock. Besides you can push a button for intro, variation, ending and so on.

    To describe it briefly: I want to have the advantages of automatic keyboard accompanist (easy and fast operating, prepared music styles, intro/ending and so on), but at the same time I want to have the advantages of using high quality samples (e.g. a GIGA sample library).

    Besides it should be integrable in the current sequenzers and it shoul be upgradeable to more grooves.

    looking forward to an answer,

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    Re: Search for percussion trigger, pulse emitter

    As far as I know this kind of thing doesn\'t exist, although it\'s a good idea, and I\'m sure will eventually be realised.

    I think it\'s a result of people\'s preconceptions:

    Autoaccompaniment is for organists who need fast preset changes, and aren\'t too particular about specifics.

    Samplers are used bu people who construct instruments from the ground up. These people are very particular about detail - so auto accompaniment would never satisfy their \'picky\' tastes.

    Of course, sampling and sample playback is no longer solely the domain of people who are so serious they mortgaged their house to own a sampler. Anyone can own one, and many people whould be interested in high quality auto accompaniment.

    So far, all we\'ve seen like this is a couple of average GM sound sets for Giga. Perhaps we\'ll see more in the future, especially as more platforms capable of great sampling on a PC come to market.

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    Re: Search for percussion trigger, pulse emitter

    Thank you Chadwick for your answer! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Search for percussion trigger, pulse emitter

    Cubase VST (NOT SX) has a thing called stle tracks, here\'s a quote from the manual......

    \"Style Tracks are Tracks of a certain Track Class, containing predefined, complete accompaniment
    patterns, called Styles. Using Style
    Tracks, you can easily create music in a wide range of styles, either in real time or by
    predefining the chord changes. The program lets you “play along”, controlling
    chords and variations of the Style Track accompaniment with one hand and soloing
    or playing melody lines with the other.The advanced real-time control together
    with the different chord recognition algorithms makes it possible to “play” Style
    Tracks like instruments of their own.\"

    Note this is in Cubase VST and not in Cubase SX !!
    Although I\'ve used Cubase for years, I have never used Style tracks ( auto accompaniment isn\'t my thing) so I don\'t know how well they work, but maybe you can get a demo to try it out?
    Hope this helps


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    Re: Search for percussion trigger, pulse emitter


    You could use KeyFax Twiddly.bits:



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