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Topic: Good Quality Midi Files

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    Good Quality Midi Files

    Does Anyone Know where I can download or buy good quality Midi Files (classical midi files preferred). So not these midi files which make the music sound fake even with high quality samples.

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    Re: Good Quality Midi Files

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    Re: Good Quality Midi Files

    slow site and in zip pack, but pretty good files.

    is pretty good, few step written though.

    for classical solo piano
    files by gary lloyd are real good. I liked everyone of them

    Aaron Dirk
    NGS West Studios

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    Re: Good Quality Midi Files

    I know these sites and there are indeed a lot of good midi files, but there are also not good midi files. Like old midi files meant for the souncards of that time. And midi files that sound as though the notes where just written in a sequenzer without further shaping (no crescendo, descrescendo, no differences in tempi etc.).
    I understand of course that creating a good midi file is a lot of work. It\'s not only writing notes in a sequenzer, but also adding all effects, midi controllers etc. to make it sound realistic.

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    Re: Good Quality Midi Files

    I don\'t know.... step written \"moonlight\" at 127 vel. has me pretty fooled.... LOL

    Aaron Dirk
    NGS West Studios

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    Re: Good Quality Midi Files


    Do you know about music-score.com? I\'ve downloaded midis from them that were pretty good.
    For example, Rule Brittania for brass ensemble(2 trumpets, trombone, tuba) sounds good with GS instruments, complete with velocity modulations.
    I believe it is quantized, though.


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    Re: Good Quality Midi Files

    i found the e-piano files:

    now I\'m gonna listen.

    Aaron Dirk
    NGS West Studios

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    Re: Good Quality Midi Files

    Yamaha\'s e-piano competition included midi files of actual (real time) performances by some pretty competitive (classical) pianists. You\'ll have to google Yamaha or \"e-piano,\" perhaps, for that one. Strictly piano, of course.


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