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Topic: Effects

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    I\'m thinking of buying Gigasampler (LE). Can anyone tell me if it has an FX rack, either for its own proprietary format of FX, or for VST FX? How many sends can each Gigasampler midi channel have, and how many FX can be open at once?



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    Re: Effects

    Gigasampler has no effects. Gigastudio does.

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    Re: Effects

    I would advise spending the extra 100 bucks and getting Gigastudio 96 or 200 bucks for Gigastudio 160. You get 96 or 160 voices of polyphony as opposed to just 64 and believe me you will eventually run out!
    Plus, with Gigastudio 96, you get NFX reverb which sounds very nice and warm and you can assign a different reverb setting to each track with ease!
    Gigastudio 160 comes with reverb, eq, chorus, and multitap delay effects also.
    I wouldn\'t get Gigasampler though, you\'ll just want to upgrade in no time.

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