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Topic: Anyone use Bob Clearmountain's Drums 2?

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    Anyone use Bob Clearmountain\'s Drums 2?

    I was wondering about Bob Clearmountain\'s Drums 2 for giga format. Does anyone out there have this library? I am considering purchasing it from soundsonline.com since they have a good sale on it. From what I can tell from the demo mp3, I love the snare kicks and bass drum better than the sonic implants I\'ve been using for a while.

    Any information on the size of the samplebank/cd as well?

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    Re: Anyone use Bob Clearmountain\'s Drums 2?

    Yes, I use it a lot, great kicks, snares are those short funky ones that sit in the mix without bringing attention to themselves, lots of great gongs too, and has snaps and claps. I think the hi hat uses a continuous controller tho, so GM does not do the open closed as well as other GM kits with closed cut off, so if I am going that route, I paste the hat to another kit.

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    Re: Anyone use Bob Clearmountain\'s Drums 2?

    Cool, thanks for the advice.

    Any word on a midi drum controller at all? I hear a lot about drumkat , but I am too poor for one at the moment.

    Have you ever heard of anyone having success with a yamaha D35 /D55 unit as a midi controller?

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