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Topic: Fusion Demo...

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    Fusion Demo...

    Here\'s a demo I started tonight. I plan to have lyrics with a voice that I can only describe as a male Macy Gray. Comments/Suggestions please.

    ( www.aaronsapp.com/Beyond.mp3 )

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    Re: Fusion Demo...

    You need to be more strict on the drums. They are not tight enough - and I think its the same \"problem\" with the whole composition. It needs to be more \"strict\" to get that cool feeling over it. You ghoststroke drumming needs to be more articulated and clear. Do I need to say Pat Metheny? Pat Metheny?

    Love - Chris

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    Re: Fusion Demo...

    Thanks guys for the insight. The thing is, this started out as just goofing around, and the drums you are hearing is all being played in realtime by yours truly. (I\'m not a drummer) But I can redo the drum parts and make it tighter. When I say fusion, I just mean a weird mixture of style and orchestration, even though I\'m probably using the word incorrectly. I\'ve never written a \"song,\" before, so I\'m sure I have a whole slew of math to learn to what makes a particular groove work, bass line with kick, ect. I\'M LEARNIN\'! I appreciate the listening.

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    Re: Fusion Demo...


    Can\'t link up. Is is still available?


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    Re: Fusion Demo...

    Yes, just make sure the capitalization is correct.

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    Re: Fusion Demo...

    My mistake, for some reason, GoDaddy.com or Netacore is not doing their job and now my website is down along with everyone elses until tommorow morning at the LEAST. Sheez.

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    Re: Fusion Demo...

    If you havent made a song before - its a little hardrocking to throw yourself into \"Fusion\". Fusion is a noble art of chaos and structure (in the end structure) - and you sorta need to be clear on your composing. Anyway. I love your tries and you do recreate a very interesting soundscape - so just keep it up. I have two things in mind dear friend - that you can maybe learn from:

    1. Always keep it tight and groovy - when you do fusion. There is no room for faulty drumming - unless it sounds faulty in the pro-way. Which is close to impossible - unless you are a hardcore drummer and have pads.

    2. Remember to have a soundpicture/soundscape that is consistent in lows, mids and highs. Listening to your composition you seem to lack a little in all of them. Especially low (bass). The bassworks are normally a good part of a fusion groove.

    (3). If you want a funky feeling keep all notes short. The most common error is people wanna PLAY and let their instruments BREATH in funk. Thats called ROCK. In funk/fusion its a good thing to keep it short, syncopated and innovative. Dont ever go neutral - well - you dont seem to have a problem with that.

    Thats my 5000 cents - you want my account?

    Love - Chris

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    Re: Fusion Demo...

    Alrighty, no more fusion. I know call it hodgepodge. I have a friend who is probably the best drummer I know, and he\'ll be playing the drum part for me after I finish the song.

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    Re: Fusion Demo...

    Aaron god damn it you need to find a working web server... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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