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Topic: Please Help

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    Please Help

    I am driving myself crazy here trying to get everything working and dont no where elso to turn. I am running gs with Nuendo and have an sblive card with aps asio drivers...

    i want to get a new sound card ...i dont know what to get..i want to be able to monito my line in with sound card fx ..like in sblive...i need asio drivers to work in cubase and Nuendo but then enters the problem with working Giga studio...i must for me...what sound card would allow my sequencer software VST run with gigastudio and allow me to have fx on the card so i could monitor my vocals with some reverb but record in dry??? Please Help Thank you

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    Re: Please Help


    Whatever card you choose, make sure you try it with your setup and a TYPICAL arrangement first.

    I didn\'t and now I\'ve had to remove the audio facilities in Logic just so that I can get 120 note polyphony.

    Check this out for some \'retail\' guidance on Giga demands:

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    Re: Please Help

    Wow. Somebody\'s making a ton of money.

    PIII 800 MHz.- 100/133 FSB - $254.00
    768 MB of RAM - Micron PC133 CL2 (3 x $347.39) $1042.17
    7200 RPM Ultra DMA 40GB - From MAXTOR - Hitting 43.2 MB/Sec media speed - $149.00
    18.9 GB Cheetah SCSI Ultra 160/10000RPM - Good marketing, still hitting at BEST - 40.2 MB/Sec media speed (they call it Internal Formatted Transfer Rate) - $440.00 (best price on PriceWatch)
    MIDIMan Delta 1010 - $699.00 (from Zzounds)
    WinMan 4x4 - $169.00 (from Zzounds)
    Windows 98 SE (tweaked for digital audio - Huh? What does that mean?) - $89.00
    Mouse - $49.00 (that\'s for a darn good mouse)
    Keyboard - $40.00 (likewise)
    Mid-tower case $59.00 for an Enlight (good case)

    Around $2990.00 his cost @ RETAIL! I imagine he\'s getting parts at wholesale. I\'ve even included both harddrives, with the cheapie Maxtor outperforming the Cheetah. At $3995.00 complete, this guy\'s making more than a 35% margin. I bet other retailers would love to make that kind of profit for computers.

    Steve Mitchell
    The Classical MIDI Resource

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    Re: Please Help

    I have always thought about building DAWs on the side. Only problem is I\'d need some capital to get started, but I really think I could compete with some of these guys.

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