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Topic: GS160 Crashing on Latest Beta???

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    GS160 Crashing on Latest Beta???

    I\'ve been very active in getting posted beta releases of GS from the Nemesys web site. The original GS 2.0 crashed pretty often for me, so I didn\'t have much to lose.

    As those betas were coming out, my system seemed to begin to get better. One thing for sure, those MSG messgages went away (at least for me). My system was Win98SE with 128MB RAM and PII/333 processor.

    Then, I decided to go with WinME and use a newer build of GS currently posted. However, the version posted indicates it should be 2.01.25 but when installed it reads 2.01.23. Anyway, after getting that configuration up and running my system would reboot randomly after about 10 minutes. That\'s without GS even running, but the preloaded stuff in the background (i.e. MSG32).

    So, I decided to try old Win95 because I\'d seen other forums where people claim the overal performance is better than Win98 due to all the Microsoft stuff happening in the OS that\'s fluff and stuff. However, after getting Win95 installed with GS 2.01.23, that configuration wasn\'t very solid either. Instead of reboots, it would just stop responding all together.

    Here is one thing I did notice though. When playing GS in Win95, GS seemed to put the CPU though the roof pretty quick and cause Win95 to stop until it would \'catch up\' over the next 10 seconds, at which time I could either continue working or the system would just freeze.

    Is it Win95 or WinME? Does GS work the best in Win98? I\'d sure like to get GS working in WinME though. Getting around does seem smoother than in Win98SE.

    I wish I would have kept around a previous beta of GS 2.01 to try. Anyone got one??? If you do, please let me know at ron@ronlucas.com.


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    Re: GS160 Crashing on Latest Beta???


    I have the 2.0.19 beta still on my hard drive. Send an e to tmartin@elithic.com and I\'d be happy to email it to you.


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    Re: GS160 Crashing on Latest Beta???

    Hi Tim,

    I\'m having a few significant problems with my system at the moment.I was just wondering what you ended up getting to run.

    Mine\'s a PIII800, 256mb, fast ATA66 drives etc., with a Unitor 2, Pulsar 2 and Logic 4.5.

    I can\'t use the audio part of Logic without terrible delays at low polyphony counts, and even without the audio side of Logic I\'m now
    experiencing notes being delayed on the midi input of Logic (maybe its a Pulsar thing).

    At this stage I\'d just like to hear from anyone who\'s running a sequencer and Giga on the same machine with a good polyphony count and low latency.....

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    Re: GS160 Crashing on Latest Beta???

    I had Win ME installed and that gave a lot of trouble on my system. Crashes all over the place (GS did work fine, but none of my other prgrams did). I think win95 is to outdated to work fine, so the only solution is win 98 or 98se. Works fine for me.

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    Re: GS160 Crashing on Latest Beta???

    Dear Chadwick

    I use GS 160 (with over 100 voices) on a simple PII 400 with 265mbRam together with LA Platinum 4.5.
    System runs on 10GB IDE hd and gigs on a 16GB IBM scsi.
    The audiocard is an egosys waveterminal 2496.
    Since the last update (2.019 I believe)
    there are no problems (even with intime use
    of a video, played back by a miro DC 30.)
    using all four nemesys ports.
    So GS and Logic 4.5 work together.
    It must be something with your configuration
    of the PC.


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    Re: GS160 Crashing on Latest Beta???


    Your response gives me great hope that my problems can be solved, perhaps by a card change.

    I\'d like to hear from more people who are achieving what Nemesys promise.

    LHong just posted elsewhere that his system, which includes a Pulsar card and Cakewalk, has a latency of 35ms for the Gigastudio.

    I\'m having a serious rethink about the Pulsar card\'s GSIF quality.

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    Re: GS160 Crashing on Latest Beta???


    Are you using the audio side of Logic 4.5?


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    Re: GS160 Crashing on Latest Beta???

    Dear Rick,

    no, for audio we use a bullproof
    soundscape REd in perfect sync with
    Logic 4.5.
    BTW the egosys is very quick, I can feel
    no delay/latency


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    Re: GS160 Crashing on Latest Beta???

    Here\'s some interesting info about my GS160 config and problems.

    1st - Using GS160 verion 2.01.23, my system was completely unusable. I mean, it would lock up or reboot about every 10 minutes whether in GS or not.

    2nd - Thanks to Tim Martin, he sent me a copy of version 2.01.19, my system has been very usable again. Once I installed that version, the 10 minute lockups have not occured without any other changes to the system.

    3rd - Nemesys tech support sent me a copy of 2.01.25 that is also working perfectly so far. I\'ve only been playing it for about an hour, but it\'s a lot more stable than 2.01.23.

    Finally - With version 2.01.23, I could cause GS160 to crash when I hold the sustain pedal down and play all sorts of notes. This caused the CPU to go up to past 90%, at which point the computer locked up. Using version 2.01.25, this does not happen. Once the CPU gets to about 83%, it stays there and does not lock up. Not sure why it stops at 83%, but it sure helps out keeping GS running. Maybe this is just something funky on my system, but it might be worth looking at if your system locks up while in GS.

    One thing to add about all of us having problems --- since we have so many versions available to us from Nemesys, we should make sure to indicate what exact versions we are talking about.

    Anyway, hope my system keeps on running...and yours.

    Ron Lucas

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    Re: GS160 Crashing on Latest Beta???


    I\'m running a PIII 733mhz processor with 512MB of RAM. I\'m using an Adaptec 19160 Ultra 160 SCSI controller with Quantum Atlas 10k 10,000RPM 4.3ms drives and a Gina 20 card. I don\'t use this machine for *anything* but GigaStudio. I have another machine connected via SP/DIF that I use for sequencing and audio/recording.

    So far, I\'m not happy at all. I continue to have sluggish performance even at low polyphony. Also, while the \'Harware/Routing\' screen says \'GSIF Compatible: Yes\' the diagnostic section reports \'GSIF Compatible Cards: 0 cards currently active.\'

    I\'ve been trying to resolve this problem for four months. Nemesys\' tech support is practically useless. I\'ve actually gotten far more attention from Echo. In fact, on Monday they are going to set up a machine there identical to mine to see if they can track it down.

    Again, Nemesys tech support is absolutely the worst I\'ve ever seen in my life. They don\'t return calls. They don\'t return emails. They don\'t have solutions. In essence, they don\'t have a clue. I will say that they did finally send me an NFX4 module that actually works, but it took 3 1/2 months to get it. I could have walked to Austin and back 50 times and gotten it on paper tape punch in the time it took them to resolve that problem.

    I have laid out a tremendous amount of cash on this system, which *far* exceeds Nemesys\' specs in every conceivable area. I use it for nothing but GSt. Based on my experience, I could never recommend to anyone to *ever* do business with Nemesys. It\'s too late for me. I\'m in up to my neck. But if there\'s anyone out there contemplating GigaStudio... forget it! Get an Akai or Emu sampler... get several. In the end, you\'ll save a ton of cash and a lot of heartache.


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