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Topic: Anyone here a member of G.A.N.G.?

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    Anyone here a member of G.A.N.G.?

    Just wondering. I was considering joining.. I\'d like to know people\'s experiences with the organization.

    For those of you who don\'t know what I\'m talking about: www.audiogang.org

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    Re: Anyone here a member of G.A.N.G.?

    At project BBQ (hosted by the guy I work with the Fatman www.fatman.com) I got to personally see the speech by Tommy Talarico that sparked this organization. It is sort of a game audio guild that is looking out for the rights of Game Audio composers. Hollywood composers have opportunities to get royalties on movies, TV shows, BMI or ascap and what have you that have been missing for game composers. Keep in mind that the game buisness rivals or surpasses the film industry in money while game composers as a whole are usually salary workers or work for a fee and in many cases sign away their rights to the music over to the company if they wish to work. I think that is a big part of G.A.N.Gs work along with a voting sytem, like the academy awards and grammys for recognizing great game compositions.
    Thats my feedback. I reccomend it highly.
    Have fun

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    Re: Anyone here a member of G.A.N.G.?

    I am a member G.A.N.G., but Sam, you should know that already. As with many questions, do a search of the forum, in this case for GANG related discussions.
    Hey David, say hello to the Fatman for me. I took a picture George at E3 and sent it to him. We had a long and interesting discussion. And nobody dresses like the Fatman. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    Anyway, if you are in game audio, just join. Just do it.

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    Re: Anyone here a member of G.A.N.G.?

    Originally posted by dwdonehoo:

    Anyway, if you are in game audio, just join. Just do it.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I second that wholeheartedly.

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    Re: Anyone here a member of G.A.N.G.?

    I think anyone starting out wanting to get into video games should look into it. I\'m not a member because I\'m sort of waiting for things to take off with it. Obviously tho, it only really will when the member list really grows, and the options for us take off.

    Its probably a great source of info for people trying to learn about the industry.

    I feel for myself, the membership fee is better spent on other stuff right now only because I\'m getting work [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    I should join tho, with the higher profile games I\'m doing it could help to be part of this community.

    If things keep up, I will join at some point. There are too many \"top\" people involved, even some I work with directly or know personally [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Not to mention the members I know personally.

    If I dont join, it\'d be like Dave not joining ;P He\'d get hog tied by the Fatman himself [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    I need to get down to the BBQ one day.

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    Re: Anyone here a member of G.A.N.G.?

    \"Obviously tho, it only really will when the member list really grows...\"

    Tisk tisk. Circular logic here. KI, you, of all people, should join...NOW. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] Well, GDC is coming, where we can do a little FTF arm-twisting. You WILL go, you know that don\'t cha? Heh heh...

    Next year, Game Music will be featured at a GANG sponsored event at the Hollwood Bowl with a full orchestra.
    Meanwhile, for the rights of game audio developers, all of same should join G.A.N.G..

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    Re: Anyone here a member of G.A.N.G.?

    Members of GANG can get into invitation-only events like E3, right?

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    Re: Anyone here a member of G.A.N.G.?

    E3 is not invitation only. Neither is GDC. You must \"be part of the industry\" to get into both. This generally means, a buisness card and/or another reference.

    I dunno, maybe you get a break on badge prices with GANG?

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    Re: Anyone here a member of G.A.N.G.?


    Sorry, I was mistaken.. you have to be a member of the industry or know someone who can get you in. I don\'t know about getting a break on badge prices.. but I would think GANG members would be allowed into E3.. correct? Or is it as easy as you\'re saying, all someone needs is a business card with some industry-related title on it?

    Hmm.... time to save money for E3 and print up some business cards. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Anyone here a member of G.A.N.G.?

    Generally, if you\'re a working composer doing work for a developer/publisher, you can snag a badge through them. Most are obliged to do so, especially if you walk the floor and talk about whatever game you\'re working on (if its showing). Even better if they like the work you\'re doing, not so if they hate it [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    If not, its pretty easy to set up a company name and get cards and buy a badge (its a few hundered dollars for the lowest type of badge I believe). I did that one year and while it was great, its so much easier to get a badge form a bigger publisher if you\'re doing work or setting up a meeting with them.

    If you\'re personally looking to learn alot about audio in the industry, I\'d suggest Game Developer\'s Conference over E3. E3 is a giant party...er...convention to showcase what new games are coming out.

    I love E3, I\'ve been going to game conventions since I first started in the industry working booths at CES, and E3 is one of the funnest, mostly because I get to catch up with some friends and get drunk....er catch up.

    GDC is great for trying to get a bearing on where software/technology is heading in the industry. Many of the top representatives of each field (sound/graphics/programming,..etc) are there doing speeches and such. Lots of info.

    Most audio guys I know only pick one to go to and thats usually GDC. I always try to go to both if I can, but if its one, it ends up being E3, jsut because I\'m usually in crunch time to get stuff done for a game thats showing at E3.

    BTW, GANG could very well be \"the place to be\" with regards to vid game audio, I dont believe there has been anything of this magnitude proposed/executed for game music, so it could turn out to be a great benefit to be a part of the group. I\'m looking to join since I believe that a group like this could bring more attention to the music side of games and benefit all audio guys in the end.

    and doyle, I missed your post until jsut now. yah yah, I know circular logic, I will join. Jsut some libraries and gear to buy first.....oh and rent?.....did someone say rent?...?

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