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Topic: Logic and Gigastudio

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    Logic and Gigastudio

    I posted this on NemeSys tech support but never got a response.

    Will Logic 4.5 now work properly with GSt 2.01 on the same machine?
    Have the timing problems been fixed?

    I know some people are using this setup, but I havn\'t heard anything about the random timing problems that plagued GS when both were run on the same machine. So is this a thing of the past?

    PIII 800
    256 meg
    Delta 1010
    3 HDs:


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    Re: Logic and Gigastudio

    Hi Randy,

    I\'m not sure what you mean by \'random\' timing problems, but I have a similar setup to yours (Pulsar instead of 1010).

    When trying to get Logic going with Giga I ran into enough latency problems at low polyphony that I ended up removing the audio section of Logic altogether to free up resources.

    Now I can run up to 120 voices in Giga off the midi side of logic before I run into sloppy delays and the occasional click.

    We added another 128 mb ram to the PC but didn\'t get more polyphony before the latency degraded.

    We ran Giga from Logic on another PC and were able to get more polyphony, but I wasn\'t there and I don\'t know whether they got to 160 without latency creeping in. My personal test was just playing a piano sound over the top of a busy arrangement, watching the poly counter, and seeing how the response on the keyboard changed.

    I haven\'t tried to do any rigorous timing stuff yet, (still trying to learn OS\' for w98, Pulsar 2, Logic and Giga!), but when I do I\'ll post my experience.

    Good luck


    PS Seems to me that two pcs is probably the answer. I just hate the idea of having two separate PCs configured for audio (2 lots of souncards, midi cards, mega ram, fast drives etc.,)

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    Re: Logic and Gigastudio

    Hi Randy,

    I use Logic Audio 4.5 and have had the same problems with Gst 2.01 (terrible timing probs).

    Can\'t figure it out at all but one thing,

    It\'s ok if I go back to Logic 4.2.2 so therefore I can only assume it\'s to do with Logic 4.5.

    Hope someone can shed some light on this.

    My system....

    PII 350
    128mb ram
    ibm 7200 audio drive (IDE)
    Fugitsu 5400 system drive
    Audiowerk 8


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