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Topic: Would appreciate some quick advice...

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    Would appreciate some quick advice...

    I need to get some respectable woodwinds quickly, and as far as I can tell, the best options I see are DDSW, AO (akai version), and Xsample. A little voice is telling me to hold off and see what\'s gunna happen with the QL orchestra and VSL before I invest anything over $500.

    So my initial thought is to purchase the akai AO WW\'s at a cheap 149, to tide me over until I know more or at least have more options to consider. What I\'m wondering now is:

    How radically different is the akai versions of the AO winds than the Giga?

    Is there anything blatantly unacceptable about the AO winds (by today\'s standards?)

    These winds will be sitting in with SI strings, LOP (ordering now), AO strings -effects-, Xsample Horn, Trmb, Sam Horns and solo, and of course all those wonderful freebies from Tob, TJ, SAM, and others. I\'m getting closer to having a really flexible collection, but trying to make as informed, well thought out purchases as possible.

    Should I wait and see? Should I pick up the AO winds as a temp? Or should I just go ahead and get DDWW now and maybe sample my own ensemble flutes, etc? Any advice would be welcome, most importantly, the differences between DD and AO, which I\'m certain are extreme.


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    Re: Would appreciate some quick advice...

    I\'m in the same situation you\'re in. Except my library is still so lacking (no brass, no percussion, etc), I decided to get the AO full set.

    The AKAI version is lacking keyswitches.. I think that\'s the only difference.

    The reason I\'m choosing AO winds over DDSW is because I hear the AO winds have more effects/articulations. For me, it\'s a requirement to have stuff like flutters, glissandi, things like that. And I was told the DDSW library does not have those.

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    Re: Would appreciate some quick advice...

    the akai version of AO also has no Xfades.

    Anyhow, KS and Xfades are simple to put in, and can be customized. AO is a great library to tweak on no matter what platform.

    Also DD is releasing a \"lite\" version of his woods, for a considerably lower price point.

    but if you\'re looking for a deal on the full set,

    try www.jacksmusicstore.com

    thats where I bought them

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    Re: Would appreciate some quick advice...

    That is a nice price, thanks alot King [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I was doing some homework on the AO sounds, and found a few things that bothered me. Anybody comment on this?

    \"Quibbles: No sustained piccolo. The 3 flutes sustained (f & p) programs are badly out of tune, but this is acknowledged and corrected in the Advanced Orchestra Upgrade \'97 disc set\"
    -Printed from the Sound On Sound Website - www.sospubs.co.uk

    Something about the ensemble flutes thing rang a bell in the back of my mind... Does anyone here remember a demo that was on this site (maybe still is) of a mockup of the Dangerous Beauty movie theme? I\'m something of an orderly packrat - that is to say, while I do keep many things, they are all meticulously organized - so I checked and still have the mp3 on one of my data drives. The flutes are TERRIBLY out of tune with each other, as well as the ensemble they were playing with. I was wondering if someone could identify the sampled flutes as AO or not? If there\'s anyone who wouldn\'t mind doing this for me, I\'d be happy to email you the little clip.

    Plain and simple... if these ensemble flutes in the Dangerous Beauty mp3 from a few years ago are in fact the AO flutes... forget it, I\'m going DD right now. No sustained piccolo? Someone say it ain\'t so!

    Thanks, Sharmy. I read through the posts, glad you pointed that out.

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    Re: Would appreciate some quick advice...

    The flutes on AO ARE definitely out of tune [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

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    Re: Would appreciate some quick advice...

    Yes, they are out of tune. The solo flute and the ensemble flutes, both severely out of tune. BUT it takes but a few minutes to correct that problem in Gigaeditor, and if you do you\'ll have some great sounding flutes that don\'t steal your ram like DDSW does.
    With AO you get a whole bunch of various articulations for the woodwinds including flutter, trills, grace notes, crescendos, runs up and down in major, minor and dim (I think) - pickups, ornamentation notes and some fun samples to tweak. I made a combined keyswitch and x-fade gig of all the woodwind programs in the AKAI version except bassoon. 140mb in total. Sounds very good even though you only have two dynamic layers (P & F). If you need extra FF you can reverse the crescendo samples, put a staccato sample on top and reprogram a gig but that\'s not for everyone of course [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I think the biggest argument against DDSW is the bloated size. Don\'t expect to be able to load the entire woodwind section on one gigacomp, and don\'t expect it to sound much better than AO. Don\'t expect to be able to do realistic legatos and forget about anything other than staccato and sustained samples.

    If I had to choose between DDSW and AO woodwinds I would grab the AO woodwinds without hesitation.

    Maybe DDSW lite will be worth the wait, although you\'d still be missing core articulations like flutter, trills and runs (arguably impossible to do realistically using only multisampled sustains or staccs or whatever)

    The absence of a sustained piccolo in AO is strange, but if you can record your own Flute ensemble at some point you could just have one of the players bring his/her piccolo flute (piccolo is virtually identical to a C-flute in terms of design, except it\'s 1/2 the size and thus sounds one octave above the C-flute; all fluteists are required to play it) - sample the piccolo the way you want it; 2-4 dynamics pp-mp-f-ff in minor thirds + some minor and major runs and trills and you will thank yourself for doing it.

    Right now there aren\'t ANY good piccolo flute samples out there. They are either too close miced or too weak. The killer piccolo parts in recent scores like Mummy Returns or Final Fantasy : Spirits Within, are missing gems of sample libraries today.

    Anyway my suggestion, if it\'s not clear enough; get AO.

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    Re: Would appreciate some quick advice...

    AO winds arrive tommorrow, I really appreciate all the input! Spoke with a piccolo player today, and he\'s more than willing to let me sample him over the holidays, so he\'ll bring his flute as well and sit in with the ensemble flute runs I\'m already scheduled to record. The flutes won\'t take long, so at least this way I can get more out of the hall time.

    Thomas, you told me what I really needed to know about the flutes - wether or not they could be fixed easily or not. Also, I really liked the idea of reversing a cres sample and topping it with a stacc! That is outstanding!

    I kept listening to the DDWW stuff, but was really disapointed in the demos. It wasn\'t until I played with some eq and experimented with various verbs that I finally heard what I was wanting to hear in them. I\'ve always heard that strings were very much a final frontier in the realm of sampled instruments, but I submit reeded intruments such as clarinet and oboe, are far less likely to convince me even now. With that in mind, I expect AO was a solid choice for now, that is to say pretty much on par with everything else that\'s out there at the moment, and the price sure can\'t be beat. I really am looking forward to hearing QLww stuff to see if any leaps are actually taken in this regard.

    Anyway, thanks again for the help. It\'s amazing how much information is available on such short notice these days. (now I gotta cozy-up with GSedit for a while, and get to learnin\'!)

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    Re: Would appreciate some quick advice...

    Thought I\'d say thanks again, I am very, very pleased with the AO winds. I suppose in this world of NEW NEW NEW I was too easily overlooking just how good AO would be in this regard. These are really fantastic, very playable. I\'ve found little things I\'ll want to work around already, but I\'ve also found SO many things that will work wonderfully. The articulations are very well done. Sam, if yours haven\'t arrived yet, I expect you\'ll be very happy with them.

    Thanks Again for the tips!


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