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Topic: POLL: Gigastudio and Win 2k

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    POLL: Gigastudio and Win 2k

    Who out there is using Gigastudio under Windows 2000 with 1.5 or 2gb of RAM? What kind of memory usage are you seeing in Giga and how are you achieving that number, tweaks, etc.?

    I only seem to be able to get to 44% on my 1.5gb machine with an IoPageLockLimit tweak and 44% on a 2gb machine with the PagedPoolQuota at 80 and the PagedPoolSize at 08000000.

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    Re: POLL: Gigastudio and Win 2k

    I don\'t think that that reg tweak works well in Win 2k...

    You will be happier, if you used Xp...

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    Re: POLL: Gigastudio and Win 2k

    On a PC with 1.5 GB RAM running W2K with my GS memory meter showing 87%, Msg32 allocates 712 MB of RAM i.e. 47% of \"available\" RAM. I know I\'ve had that meter well into the 90\'s in the past.

    I have never seen an improvement in GS memory allocation with such Registry tweaks for W2k - only with XP. The differences between XP and W2K may go away with GS 3.0 Stay tuned.

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    Re: POLL: Gigastudio and Win 2k


    I use W2K and 2 gigs of ram but I have not had any luck with the 80 - 8000000 settings.

    I seem to have the biggest increase in memory with a 20 (2000000) or 40 (4000000) setting. I have been able to get 72% GS memory utilized; however, this was quite experimental and not so practical. I loaded about 59% of samples (with a template that I normally use) and then added small samples incrementally until I reached 72% (it may have been 79% I don\'t recall). But I could not add any large GS samples even if it the large sample were equivalent in size to the sum of the smaller samples. It\'s as if the remaining RAM were fragmented and accepted smaller files only.

    If you work with smaller GS sample files, you may be able to load 90% or more as many have reported, but I don\'t know if this is practical given that the files need to be very small.

    The loading order of files (as well as their size) may have something to do with the way the memory is allocated. My GS memory typically reaches its limit at 62% when I am using larger GS samples.

    By the way, what number did you use on the IoPageLockLimit? I have had no luck with the IoPageLockLimit tweak.

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    Re: POLL: Gigastudio and Win 2k

    Did you try the PagedPoolQuota and the PagedPoolSize at with 40-4000000 settings?

    This made more memory available on my P4 (W2k, 2 gigs of ram) than the 80 setting.

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    Re: POLL: Gigastudio and Win 2k

    Originally posted by timzydee:
    I am leary of switching to XP because my Win 2k stats are still half of what other Win 2k people see.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Explain?


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    Re: POLL: Gigastudio and Win 2k

    If I could get Giga memory capacitiy in Win 2k to respond closer to what other Win 2k users see, I would know that I\'m not just doing something wrong. I don\'t want to make the investment into XP until I know that I\'ve done everything I can with Win 2k first.

    I\'ve now got my Win 2k systems up to SP4 which gave me another 10% in Giga somehow. So now I\'m at 54%. It\'s actually better now without any tweaks in the registry. I\'m Still experimenting though.

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    Re: POLL: Gigastudio and Win 2k

    The IoPageLockLimit was set at 40000000 on my machine with 1.5gb of RAM, but I\'m still experimenting. On the 2gb machine, this made no diffenerence so I used the Paged Pool stuff. The best I am able to do is about a 10% increase on both systems that brings them both up to 44%...pathetic. At this point I can\'t even load little files on top of that, so I know it\'s really at the limit. I am leary of switching to XP because my Win 2k stats are still half of what other Win 2k people see.

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