I\'m having the same problem with the Gigapiano. I installed Gigastudio 96 today and everything went okay up until the part where you put the gigapiano CD in. It couldn\'t recognize the CD so I couldn\'t finish my registration. I also recieved 2 gigapiano cds with Gigastudio because of the problem of the defective ones going out so I thought I\'d be in luck but I wasn\'t. I talked to Kevin at Nemesys(cool guy!) countless times and he emailed me some stuff to download to hopefully fix the problem, but still no luck!
When I put the other 2 CDs in(soundware demos) they come up as unformatted! It seems like the problem might have something to do with the converting of CDs into Gigastudio. I also put the \'Dance Mega Jungle/Rave\' audio/akai S1000,S3000 Cd in and it to said that it was unformatted!
I do have gigapiano installed on my Gigastudio though because they said that they were having so many problems with the cd that they just decided to put it on the program, but when I try to finish my registration, the gigapiano CD is not recognized.
Man, I sure hope I can get this problem solved!