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Topic: strange sequencer question

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    strange sequencer question

    Here\'s a strange sequencer question I\'ve never managed to get an answer to: how would I edit a midi file (mine) to delete one set of velocities (while keeping variables like duration and tempo the same) and to substitute a different set of velocities (from a midi file identical in all other respects except velocities)?

    Alternatively, how would I delete note durations from one file and substitute note durations from another file (identical in all respects except note durations)?

    Seems to me that in the language of midi duration and velocity can be abstracted from the \"note\" such that you can edit them individually, or do complex operations on an existing set of durations or velocities; but you cannot delete and copy/or substitute whole sets of new velocity and/or duration data.

    Tell me i\'m wrong and I\'m a happy man.


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    Re: strange sequencer question

    Not sure about note duration...

    But with the velocities, you can highlight the velocities in the key editor for the one MIDI file, copy them, and then paste them into the key editor for the other MIDI file, thus replacing the old velocities...

    However, if both MIDI files are the same in every other respect, then why bother? This will just be making an exact replica of the first MIDI file and therefor, be useless...


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    Re: strange sequencer question

    I know in SX 2 you can filter different values in the list editor. You can also use the expression editor to find say all notes at 90 velocity and playing at C3 for example, then replace certain values from there.

    Not sure if this will specifically do what you want John, I\'d have to check the editors again to find out. I\'m pretty sure it can be done though. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: strange sequencer question

    Wow. Those were fast anwers! You got them out before I had a chance to edit my question!!

    Anyhow, in reply to Alan, the scenario I\'m thinking of is where you do two takes of a song, and you like, let\'s say, the rhythm and note durations of one take, but the velocity values of another take. So you want to combine the velocity values of take 1 with the durations of take 2 (forget the issue of tempo; let\'s just assume that the tempos are identical).


    ps I think you\'ve given me the answer, however, in your first reply. Thanks very much.

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    Re: strange sequencer question

    Originally posted by JohnGrant:
    ...So you want to combine the velocity values of take 1 with the durations of take 2 (forget the issue of tempo; let\'s just assume that the tempos are identical)...

    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">So in that case, yeah, you could just highlight the velocities in the key editor (I use Cubase SX and all you have to do is click and drag a box around them to highlight them all) then do a \'copy\' and \'paste\' and you\'ll be good to go...


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    Re: strange sequencer question

    Now the question is whether or not Cake HS 2000 has anything equivalent to a \"key editor.\" It\'s not a pro sequencer. I have an older Cubase vst, but tempos were limited to 15 bpm, whereas Cake goes as low as 5, which is actually hugely important to me. I wonder whether the newer Cubase versions have changed that?


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    Re: strange sequencer question

    I don\'t think you can do that in Cakewalk as Note velocity and duration are all tied to a note. You can try doing a MIDI Groove clip from one track, save it and then apply it to your track. This may work if HS 2000 has this feature.

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    Re: strange sequencer question

    In cakewalk go to the Piano roll. Using the arrow drag over the vertical lines at the bottom (a square will form while you drag). Hit control+C to copy. Then paste them where you like.

    Maybe this will work.

    I\'d definitely make a copy of the sequence in another track just in case I messed up. Or I guess you could always un-do as well.

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    Re: strange sequencer question

    Wait. So does this mean that even the latest version of Sonar doesn\'t permit pulling vel or dur values off notes, but cubase does?


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    Re: strange sequencer question

    Did you try the piano roll in Sonar (at least it exists in Cakewalk 9 not sure about Sonar)?

    I have copy, cut and pasted velocities, and other midi controller data using the piano roll.

    Note length I\'ve never done, but if two files are identical in every way except note length then i choose the file with the lengths I like and cut and copy the other midi data.

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