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Topic: From a live performance....

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    From a live performance....

    Hi all,

    I just got from a live concert a couple nights ago (Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra) and it was sooo nice to hear Vaughn Williams’ \"Hodie\". So much input, I wanted to explode!

    Anyway, I went home and wrote this piece (I am going to use this theme for an upcoming short). My intent was to run the gamut – sonically- and horse around with orchestration/mixing things. I very much agree with Simon, in that most of this ‘mixing business’ starts with proper orchestration (that’s the hard part for me).

    One thing I was struck with was that there was more ‘verb’ in this live performance than I had anticipated (I’ve GOTTA get out more). Could be the hall (the Tabernacle on Temple Square) – I don’t know, but I tried it out on this.

    As always, let me know what you think. Many thanks.

    For those who are interested in libraries used:

    GOS (Grand sustains, Ambience)
    PMI Steinway
    Sam Brass
    Tob’s work



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    Senior Member Gary M. Thomas's Avatar
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    Re: From a live performance....

    Wow...a big THUMBS UP...great composition, Rob. I really love the arrangement and orchestral dynamics! Sounds fantastic!! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] Gary

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    Re: From a live performance....

    Wow Rob!

    My favorite was the piano work...

    What a lovely composition, and the panning was very effective, listening to it in headphones...

    Nice percussion at 2:40 and on... nice build up to it. I would have liked to hear more of the piano in the middle (build section), playing some lower chords or something, just so that that sound doesn\'t stop...

    Very cool,

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    Re: From a live performance....

    Thanks Gary and Alan,

    I appreciate your vote of confidence. Piano is my primary instrument, but I am trying to \'wean\' myself from it more and more as I get into learning orchestration. I just can\'t help it on tunes like these.

    Alan, good idea on the piano. When I develop this more for the actual project I\'ll give your suggestion a go. Thanks.


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    Re: From a live performance....

    Beautiful piece,
    thanks for sharing.

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    Re: From a live performance....

    Very nice Rob,
    Good job on all counts. I, too, especially liked the piano. Great room sound. What verb did you use?

    It sounded like you used a G-town tom roll (or maybe SAM?). I thought that was a bit off, rhythmically.

    I really liked the mix though. It had a lot of ambience in the quiet parts and the dynamics were big and powerful, but at every moment it was perfectly balanced. Top Notch, really [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: From a live performance....

    Rob, try to insert some breathing pauses in that first flute part. It will sound more real.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: From a live performance....


    Awesome job! That\'s some really enjoyable music. I especially like the everchanging arrangement and the delicate ending was a nice touch.

    However, as a flute player I agree with Alex. You had me breathing hard for a bit. Putting in a few breaks or splitting the part between two players should be pretty easy.

    That\'s a minor point and it doesn\'t impact the fact that I really enjoyed it. Thank you for posting.

    Steve Chandler

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    Re: From a live performance....

    Hey great ideas on letting our \'flutist\' breath. Chalk this up to \'to close to the trees to see the ole\' forrest.\'

    Alex, you derserve a gold star for that suggestion. I am on my way out of the studio in a few but will \'retake\' the part tomorrow with the breathing pauses.

    This now goes on \'the list\' of things to not forget when writing.

    Regarding the verb:

    To get more depth (until gigapulse or VSL MIR) I set up 3 different FX verbs within SX (close, stage, and far) and ran the different sections through them (e.g strings to \'close\' - woods and Brass to \'Stage\' and percussion to \'far\'.) All the verbs had the same size room and length of tail - I just gave the them different \'pre delays\' (25 ms on close, 50 ms on stage, and 80 ms on far.)


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    Re: From a live performance....

    Rob - Wonderful! I will spend much time trying to dissect some of those beautiful string harmonies. This one will go on my iPod! (Well actually, it\'s my wife\'s.) [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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