Hi folks,

Is there anyone out there running Gigastudio and Logic 4.5 (WITH audio tracks) on the same PC??

If so, how many audio tracks and how much Giga polyphony?

Originally I was happy to just replace my old Atari Cubase with the midi side of Logic, but the more I see of Logic the more I\'d like to be able to run its audio side and the associated VST plugins. Call me greedy.

I\'m running a PIII800, 256mb ram, 2 fast drives and Pulsar 2.01, Gigastudio 160, and Logic Platinum 4.5.

So far, in order to have just 120 poly I\'ve had to disable the audio drivers for Logic. Unless I do that, Gigastudio gets very bad latency and occasional clicks and pops.
I tried upping the ram but it didn\'t help the polyphony side of things. I can get 160 poly if I run Logic on another machine, but that\'s still out of my price range (extra PC + Soundcard + midi interface etc.,)

So, while the Nemesys guys are gigging all over the place, any local yokels got a plan?