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Topic: Miroslav Mini Orchestra-inquiry

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    Miroslav Mini Orchestra-inquiry

    I\'ve always loved the sound of the Miroslav library. House of Samples has the mini version for $299.00...geez it\'s tempting.

    Any comments?

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    Re: Miroslav Mini Orchestra-inquiry

    I have the Miroslav Mini, and I never use it anymore. Actually, I never used it much when I first got it because a few things about it disappointed me:

    1. The tone. It\'s not what the full library sounds like in the demos, to my ears. Maybe it\'s because (I think) the stereo samples are summed to mono and there\'s a weird phasey-ness to them. Really obvious in the solo trumpet.

    2. One velocity. Count it: one.

    3. Instrument idiosyncracies. The solo clarinet is sampled with vibrato!? Yuck! Ensemble clarinet is a little dodgy in the tuning.

    4. Very sparse variety in articulations.

    Really, I think GPO or QLSO silver is a much, much better choice in that price range. Even Prosonus is better, tuning problems and all.

    My $.02 USD.

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    Re: Miroslav Mini Orchestra-inquiry

    Thanks Eric.

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    Re: Miroslav Mini Orchestra-inquiry

    I have it, never got to use it becuase it was in Unity format that for some reason no sample translations program can convert. I only bought it because it was 10 pounds at time and space\'s clearout sale. --- Damn, I missed so many bargins there.

    Silver or GPO will be a much better idea, no way is it worth 299!!!!


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    Re: Miroslav Mini Orchestra-inquiry

    I have it and use it because I got nothing else comparable.

    If I had the choice of libraries that exist today, I\'d buy EWQLSO silver or GPO.
    Much more variety for the money

    I paid approx. $350-400 when I bought Miro Mini some five years ago. It has helped me but it is very sparse. For example, if you don\'t like the stacc. violins then tough doo-doo. That\'s all you got in that library. (Unless of course you want to go into an audio editor and start hacking away at the waves.)

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    Re: Miroslav Mini Orchestra-inquiry

    Hi Sporter...that is a better price than the $349 I paid for the Miroslav Mini a couple of years ago! It\'s not a bad library. The instruments are well recorded and you get that special Miroslav touch of expressive samples that seem to swell or fade into a musical phrase (this nice musical touch can also force you into places you don\'t want to go as well!) The Giga version is lacking an Oboe section, Trumpet section and Trombone section, although it does have solo versions of these intruments as well as solo and ensemble Flutes, Clarinets and French Horns, and a nice solo Bassoon. There is no English Horn, Bass Clarinet, Contra Bassoon, Bass Trombone or Tuba, however. The strings are well represented with both solo and section versions of Contrabass, Cello, Viola, and Violin (no 2nd Violins however), all of which are quite sonorous and expressive. The only percussion it has is Timpani! There are hardly any different articulations beyond sustains of the instruments, except for some staccatos and pizzicatos for the strings. Anyway, you will have to weigh for yourself if what the Mini library offers, including its unique musical characteristics, is worth that new sale price. Personally, with these great new and more complete high quality offerings of GPO for $249 and EWQLSO-Silver for $299, I would find that a better price for this library would be something like $199 or even less.

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    Re: Miroslav Mini Orchestra-inquiry

    I wouldn\'t even bother to even consider Mini anymore. I\'ve had it for years myself. While the string and woodwind instruments were pretty decent for their time, the brass? Please, spare me. I think I paid $450 for this back in 1997. It was nice to do \'slow\' passages with, but wasn\'t getting much more out of it than that, least I wasn\'t able to. This reminds me I should probably just nuke them off my harddrive, as I really have no use for them anymore. That library should be $100, not $349 anymore.

    Thumbs up to either GPO or Silver, for sure. Least both of those are more than 1 CD.


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