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Topic: Can anyone give me some info on my midi settings?

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    Can anyone give me some info on my midi settings?

    I use a Roland XP-80 synth workstation and I midi it to my computer using Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 as my sequencer. I\'m getting Gigastudio 96 tomorrow morning fed-ex. I was curious what my midi settings should be on each track on my Roland to play the samples from Gigastudio.
    Someone posted that I should have my midi Local switched to off. Is this correct? Also, what about my Rx switch and Tx switch. Should these be on or off?

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    Re: Can anyone give me some info on my midi settings?


    Leaving local off is what I do. It means you don\'t hear the current XP80 sound (the one which sounds when you touch the keyboard)when you\'re playing, say, a Giga or other XP80 part into the sequencer (CW I presume). Yes you can always turn the volume down on the XP, but then you can\'t hear other XP parts playing back. It also stops the phasey effect caused by playing the same note from the keyboard as the the one that the sequencer is looping back to you when you\'re recording the current XP sound. The phasey effect is a result of playing that sound twice - once from the keyboard, and once from the sequencer\'s out/thru info.

    Gigastudio should just show up as new midi destinations within Cakewalk, so you don\'t have to do much apart from choose which of the four of Giga\'s virtual midi ports and then which channel.

    From memory, aren\'t the TX and RX functions mainly for system exclusive, with a few other options like controllers on/off? I can\'t see any reason to turn these off, although I usually leave transmission of Aftertouch switched off so that I don\'t record unnecessary controller data (it takes very litle pressure on my master keyboard to generate \'accidental\' aftertouch).

    Good luck

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    Re: Can anyone give me some info on my midi settings?

    Thank you for replying to my message Chadwick. As usual, you have been very helpful! Thanks for also letting me know why I was getting that phasey sound on my XP-80. I had the local button switched to on and that was why.

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