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Topic: Best "World"Samples??

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    Best "World"Samples??

    Guys, please excuse my lack of research here but this just came up...a client wants some additional sequences in a short film I\'m doing and they have decided they love the \"world music \" kind of thing....to them this means exciting and unique drum sounds and exotic African-esque voices in the distance....where do I look for this in a hurry?

    Thanks so much!


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    Re: Best "World"Samples??

    If you\'re in a hurry:

    Heart of Africa 1 and 2 - www.Spectrasonics.net

    Rare Instruments - www.soundsonline.com (save 35% right now until Christmas with xmas special promo code)

    Spiritual Voices isn\'t bad, just got it - soundsonline

    Supreme beats has great grooves - spectrasonics

    Also cool;

    Ethno World - sounds online
    Heart of Asia - spectrasonics
    Voices of Native America - q-up arts
    Deepest India - sounds online

    If you\'re not in a hurry:

    grab a portable rig, a shot gun, and a recording team and take a trip around the world. Stop where you want sounds - record [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]


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