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Topic: Just ordered Atmosphere - Q for Spectrum

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    Just ordered Atmosphere - Q for Spectrum

    After hearing enough rave about this product I just ordered it! I heard that you register online - so does this mean you can only register once, and thus only use it on one machine??

    I hope not. I know the audio engine cant use streaming so you\'re very dependent on RAM, so it would be nice to be able to use it on several machines, e.g. in a VST Sytem Link setup.

    Are you gonna change the license conditions to accomodate this?

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    Re: Just ordered Atmosphere - Q for Spectrum

    Hi Simon....really looking forward to hear how you use Atmosphere....your stuff always sounds great.

    Our license is that you can have as many authorizations as you need for as many computers as you use. (Of course it is still a sinlge USER license, but multiple machines is no problem at all) The authorization is simple and handled online with an immediate response code 24/7.

    Have fun!


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    Re: Just ordered Atmosphere - Q for Spectrum

    Exactly how much RAM does Atmosphere typically need?

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    Re: Just ordered Atmosphere - Q for Spectrum

    You should have at least 512mb. Of course, you will like the sounds a lot and then want to open more and more modules...so more is always better!


    The patches range anywhere from 2 meg to about 75 meg....averaging about 36 mb or so.

    32 bit playback mode doubles the patch size.


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    Re: Just ordered Atmosphere - Q for Spectrum

    would 1Gig of RAM be enough for some fairly typical usage? and how about Atmosphere + Stylus at the same time? Are we talking 1.5Gig RAM, or more than that? (then it\'s time for two computers) [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Just ordered Atmosphere - Q for Spectrum

    1 gig of RAM will work great for all of our stuff (simultaneously)

    No problem.


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    Re: Just ordered Atmosphere - Q for Spectrum

    Originally posted by spectrum:
    1 gig of RAM will work great for all of our stuff (simultaneously)

    No problem.

    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I bought STYLUS a few weeks back, and ATMOSPHERE a couple of days ago. Already used them on several tracks, and they have definitely elevated the production quality of my output immensely. Not only are the sounds great, but the operational aspects of both programs save intense amounts of time. These are big time products by a guy who cares about the end result, and understands it, because he does it himself. Thanks Eric.

    BTW, I\'m on a TDM setup with an old G4400 with 512, and I tend to only need to open one or two modules at a time, then record the tracks....then change patches, record more tracks, etc. Works fine, I don\'t really need to have a lot of modules open at once this way....

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    Re: Just ordered Atmosphere - Q for Spectrum

    I just bought it today at Guitar Center in Hollywood (those guys can\'t even get them onto the shelf and they\'re sold). I\'m on a G4/867 Logic with 512mb and have had a few memory issues - I\'ve got like 300mb to Logic already but a few patches won\'t load. No big deal, looks like 1GB RAm would work great.

    Man, Atmosphere sounds really amazing. I\'m impressed by the variety of sounds, it\'s got way more than just pads. In fact, I\'m scoring a feature film that mixes Monday, thought that I was just about done, but now will have to redo a few cues to add some Atmosphere textures....such a fun problem to have....


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    Re: Just ordered Atmosphere - Q for Spectrum

    Glad you guys are having fun with it...that\'s what its all about!

    Donimon, try assigning less RAM to Logic (225 or less), then you\'ll have more RAM free to load the sounds. The sounds load outside of what you have assigned to Logic. If you assign too much to Logic, it limits how much is free for sound loading.

    You can also try running a more minimal extensions setup, as this can take a lot of system RAM too. Make sure to read the Memory section in the manual, there\'s a lot of good info there that explains how the memory stuff works, and how to use \"About this Computer\" to see how much memory is free.



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    Re: Just ordered Atmosphere - Q for Spectrum

    Eric, is their any reason why the sounds might crackle?


    PS: I got my last problem working, I still have no idea why I couldnt get velocity before. Sorry i didndt get back to ya.

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