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Topic: Original Settings for Akai Splendid Grand?

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    Original Settings for Akai Splendid Grand?

    I downloaded the big Akai Splendid Grand some time ago and imported that into a VSampler, created a soundfont, and then imported that into Giga. As you might guess, the orginal ADSR and filter settings got lost along the way.

    I have it set to sound like I want, but I wonder what I may be missing. Does anyone know a source for the original ADSR and filter settings for the Splendid Grand?

    Thanks for any assistance.

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    Re: Original Settings for Akai Splendid Grand?

    I use the Splendid Grand within HALion. I don\'t use a filter and don\'t have the settings for that but I think the ADSR has basically imported correctly. I don\'t know exactly how you want me to tell you what the settings are because within HALion its all graphical. I could email you some screengrabs of the ADSR sliders and the envelope display if you want?

    I think the Splendid Grand is really very nice for a free piano. It even beats some commercial pianos!

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    Re: Original Settings for Akai Splendid Grand?

    The screengrabs would be great. Thanks. It\'s:

    (I\'ve thought about writing Akai, but doubt I would get a response--there were apparently several presets, based on the same samples, on the original CD. If I run across these additional settings elsewhere, I\'ll send them along or post them.)

    Thanks again. Looking forward to seeing the screenshots.

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