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Topic: CakeWalk and GigaSampler

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    CakeWalk and GigaSampler

    Hi all!
    I\'m going to post my correspondence to the problem I\'m having. I can\'t seem to get it working. I\'m a little fuzzy on the reponse I got from nemesys so if any one could help.....It would be great!

    Well... I\'m going to respond below...I\'m not sure I understand...

    > -----Original Message-----
    > From: NemeSys Tech Support [mailto:GSSupport@nemesysmusic.com]
    > Sent: Thursday, September 07, 2000 6:33 PM
    > To: cnachman@solidworks.com
    > Subject: Re: TS-000906-091826
    > Hello Charles,
    > GigaSampler will respond to patch changes, and Cakewalk has
    > apparently got some program change messages in the sequence
    > you are playing. You should look at an event list view or
    > look in the track properties for a program change and remove it.
    > The GM set loads up \"banks\" of instruments. Bank 001 is the
    > pianos, bank 002 is melodic percussion, bank 003 is guitars, etc.

    Is this the GM set I bought from Conextant? So where do I find the documentation on what bank is what?
    Right now I have all of my instruments in one directory on my hard drive for my gigasamples.

    I\'ve recorded some MIDI sequences using the Jammer Pro. I\'ve exported the MIDI file an brought it into CakeWalk and what I\'m doing is setting up my Gigasampler to match the instruments in my sequencer.

    Here are my settings

    CakeWalk Midi Chanel 1 = GrandPiano ------------------ GigaSampler Channel 1 = Nemesys Gigapiano
    CakeWalk Midi Channel 3 = BassGuitar ----------------- GigaSampler Channel 3 = ElectricGuitar Finger
    CakeWalk Midi Channel 10 = drum ---------------------- GigaSampler Channel 10 = Standard Drums
    CakeWalk Midi Channel 10 = drum ---------------------- GigaSampler Channel 10 \"
    CakeWalk Midi Channel 10 = drum ---------------------- \"\"
    CakeWalk Midi Channel 10 = drum ---------------------- \"\"
    CakeWalk Midi Channel 10 = drum ---------------------- \"\"
    CakeWalk Midi Channel 10 = drum ---------------------- \"\"

    That\'s about all I got Set. Now when I hit the play button in Cakewalk the following happens.

    CakeWalk Midi Channel 10 = drum ---------------------- GigaSampler Channel 10 = NemesysGigaPiano!

    It only happens when I hit the play button before any instruments start playing.

    Also some other channels in gigasampler show this change ??????

    I\'m not switching patches or anything in Cakewalk.....Hmmmm...

    If an Instrument has started then I can go and switch Channel 10 in my gigasampler back to the drums, and hit play ( without resetting cakewalk ) I can hear the drums like they should be.

    Do you have a list of the recommended Project / Global / Midi Settins for using CakeWalk with Gigasampler?

    I think it might have something to do with the \"internal clock\" ?????? or the midi note for the metronome? not sure......

    I\'ve been struggling with this for a bit now, and can\'t seem to get it going.....

    Thanks for getting back to me! Please be patient with me cause I know this stuff isn\'t easy to describe over the email!

    Maybe a call would do better here?


    > Nemesys Tech Support
    > cnachman@solidworks.com wrote:
    > > submitted on: = Wednesday, September 6, 19100 at 09:11:16
    > > Product = GigaSampler64
    > > Component = Configuration
    > >
    > > ProductVersion = 1.5
    > > CDNumber = 007-696A4D3
    > > FirstName = Charles
    > > LastName = Nachman
    > > Email = cnachman@solidworks.com
    > > Question = Hi!
    > > I just got my sampler up and running and first off...This
    > is AWESOME!
    > > Soundfonts??? JOKE!
    > > I\'ve never played a better sounding piano!
    > >
    > > Any how....I have a question...
    > > When ever I set my intruments on certain channels in cake
    > walk, I start the song and Gigasampler seems to change the
    > instruments on certain channels..Ie
    > >
    > > I put Channel 10 in cakewalk to channel 10 on my sampler
    > > I go to the sampler and load the drums
    > > I then go back to cakewalk and hit the play button..
    > > The sampler will now put the piano in channel 10???? Why???
    > >
    > > To get it to play, I have to stop after the Cake walk
    > starts (after an instrument has started playing) go back to
    > the sampler and reload the drums in channel 10 and then go
    > back to cakewalk and hit play and I can hear the song properly...
    > >
    > > I loaded the Conextant 150 mb kit from the CD rom and the
    > files are named 001.gig; 002.gig etc....
    > > I loaded them from the CD rom into the \"Big drive\" on my
    > machine where the other samples are. I have to use the browse
    > button and guess at what number cooresponds to the instrument
    > I want. Did I load these wrong? Could this be causing the
    > first problem I\'m seeing?
    > > The CD has an automated loading program. Should I have
    > Imported these instruments instead of letting the CD load these?
    > >
    > > Thanks!
    > >
    > > This is the coolest stuff I\'ve ever seen! : )
    > > -Cholly
    > >
    > >

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    Re: CakeWalk and GigaSampler

    Hi Cholly,

    I think Nemesys is right about patch changes.
    You should delete all patch changes from each track in your sequence to confirm this though.

    For example, even if you DO start with drums loaded into channel 10 on Giga, the track in Cakewalk which is set to channel 10 appears to be sending a programme change out which happens to call up the programme position which contains the Gigapiano.

    I don\'t know enough about Giga to tell you how to set the patches on disk to respond to certain program numbers, but you won\'t have to worry about this if you simply go into edit and delete the programme changes from the sequence tracks.

    Mind you, I thought the whole idea of the Conexant GM set was that you could play any midi sequence with GM patch changes and Giga would play the right sounds...

    Good luck

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    Re: CakeWalk and GigaSampler


    Yes I\'ve got it now!
    When I read in the file from Jammer, there were patches assigned to the tracks and they didn\'t need to be set. I had to go through every instrument and make every Patch and bank equal to *none* This fixed it!

    Thanks for the help!

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