Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had a script already created that they would be willing to share to do the following....

Basically I am looking for a script that allows you to add a sample to the beginning of a midi note being pressed and also that allows you to add a sample to the ending of that note when the note is released. Giving you the option of turning them off if you want.
So it would have the ability to perform the following three patterns....

triggered sample -- instrument note -- release sample
triggered sample -- instrument note
instrument note -- release sample

It would also be pretty cool if you can set a round robin option to the both the triggered sample and the release triggered sample.
It would also be pretty cool if there was an amount or mix knob that allows you to set if that triggered/released sample is applied or not.

I am sure that some of this is probably already programmed into Kontakt but I am not sure how to access it.
I am aware that is a lot to ask but if someone has something like this already created, or has the script writing skills and the hunger to write a script that would be great. I would think many would be able to benefit from the script.
I unfortunately do not know how to write scripts.

Any help is appreciated
Thank You