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Topic: Any one using one computer for EVERYTHING ?

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    Any one using one computer for EVERYTHING ?

    I just want to know if I\'m the only guy out there trying to use one computer for everthing, i.e. internet, office, cubase, AND giga.

    The ONLY problem that I\'m having is getting Giga to open after I\'ve used the internet.

    After a couple of restarts & error messages it will open fine.

    once it\'s open, everything works great. And we have internet in the house, word & excell get used, easy cd creater etc.

    I had windows 98SE for several years, I just recently reformated my hard drive, Installed XP, and started over hoping to eliminate the problem (I was told that XP would do it).

    But alas - the exact same prblem, Giga just doesn\'t like to open unless I restart the computer a few times.

    I know I should probably get a seperate machine, but it seems that if getting Giga to open is my only problem, there might be a way around it, a tweak or something.

    Any Advice out there would be much appreciated.


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    Re: Any one using one computer for EVERYTHING ?

    I\'m sorry I can\'t help you but to say that I often use the same computer (XP) for Giga and Internet without any problems. Sometimes simultaneously!

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    Re: Any one using one computer for EVERYTHING ?

    Hi, I do the same - run an instance of Giga on my sequencer DAW, internet running in the background, etc.

    Only thing I can think of, are you letting Windows completely load up before attepting to run Giga? Are you getting the Conexant wavestream error? If so, you may be trying to launch Giga too early. XP generally takes a little longer to load than the older Win 9X O.S\'s but once completely loaded are much more stable.

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    Re: Any one using one computer for EVERYTHING ?

    Sorry I guess I should Let you know what I\'ve got:

    Iwill K266 (no sound)
    W/ Athalon tb 1.4
    Quantum Fireball 18 gig Hard Drive (OS, Prog., etc.)
    WD 18 gig hard drive (samples, and wave)
    768 megs RAM
    Darla 24 Sound card,
    Midman 2x2 for midi.

    and I think that\'s it.

    thanks again

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    Re: Any one using one computer for EVERYTHING ?

    Do you guys think if I got a new hardirve that would do the trick,

    They\'re noth pretty old now,

    but to be honest I\'ve never had any succsess, eveb when they were new, It\'s just that I know the oldest thing o my machine is the hard drive.

    They are both 7200 by the way,


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    Re: Any one using one computer for EVERYTHING ?


    Yes it is the conextant wave stream error, but most of the time the computer has been up and running for a while (like all day sometimes) so I\'m sure everything is booted up.

    thanks again,

    any one else?

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    Re: Any one using one computer for EVERYTHING ?

    I don\'t think a new harddrive will solve the problem, this sounds much more like a software problem.

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    Re: Any one using one computer for EVERYTHING ?

    For whatever reason Giga often locks up my machine hard on launch. I have to hard reboot, and then Giga starts without fail. It\'s a nuisance, but it doesn\'t stop me from making music.

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    Re: Any one using one computer for EVERYTHING ?

    Thanks for posting you guys.

    well it doesn\'t stop me from making music,it just stops me from making music with Giga to be honest.

    And it\'s not soemtimes, I\'d say it\'s close to 95% of the time.

    And some times it takes several reboots and maybe a day or two of just letting it sit before I can open it again.

    It\'s to the point where I just wince when I click the Gigastudio icon.

    Latley I spend more time at the paino than at the computer, just because it\'s caused me so much sadness and frustration.

    But I bought the software and I\'d really like to be learning it more.

    Thus My posting,

    a plea for help.

    I can say that it is certainly after I\'ve been on the internet, could it be the network card that\'s hooked up to the DSL?

    again thanks for the replies

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    Re: Any one using one computer for EVERYTHING ?

    Try this... This approach always seemed to help unruly Windows installation.

    Re-install Windows straight from the CD. When it asks you if you want to repair, say No, and say Yes to formatting the hard disk and installing from scratch.

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