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Topic: Best Hard Drives

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    Best Hard Drives

    I\'d like to hear how people go about setting up all the memory they need to store these immense libraries. I want something modular, that I can expand on. Our IT guy suggested getting 2 boxes for my Giga machine, one being a server type box, and then installing 10 Serial ATA hard drives on to it, controlled by a PCI Serial ATA controller. Do you guys think a set-up like this would be fast enough? How do you guys with large libraries (VSL\'s over 200 Gigs), manage all of it?

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    Re: Best Hard Drives

    Hi Micheal, so is your I.T. guy saying to pop 10 hard drives into one box? The problem with that is that you will still only be able to load so many samples into ram before it will run out. Plus if it is running Gigastudio it will top out on polyphony in no time.

    These days, it is pretty cheap to build 3 or 4 boxes and pop them on a network. With FX teleport you wouldnt even need sound cards for the subsequent DAW\'s. Ram is cheap too. If all the mchines are networked, you can skimp and say not install CD/DVD drives on secondary DAW\'s.

    Right now SATA is a new technology and not as cheap as an IDE drive. It is also not markedly faster than IDE/UDMA at this time, from the reports I have read. I am running Western Digital hard drives with an 8 meg cache and they perform great. I am probably going to wait until SATA II comes out (which is twice as fast) before I make the switch.

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    Re: Best Hard Drives

    Thanks for the info Scott. I went and read up about that. We tried Midioverlan on this set up but we couldn\'t get the latency lower than a physical connection through interfaces. I have an Megabit LAN card on both these machines, but I need those to connect to the network. With the info having to travel through a 60+ computer network, it created a lot of latency. I\'m hoping I can maybe connect 2 LAN cards to each computer and have 2 networks, one for fx teleport, and one for the actualy network. Think that\'ll work?

    Edit: I know I have the available PCI slots, I just don\'t know if Windows 2k can identify 2 different networks. Stupid IT guys out of the office [img]images/icons/mad.gif[/img]

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    Re: Best Hard Drives

    I agree with Scott, go for 7200 RPM and 8 meg cache and you\'ll be fine.

    Also, for what it\'s worth, I saw a 10,000 rpm Serial drive the other day - - a bit pricey, but this means, 10,000 are on the way now.


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    Re: Best Hard Drives

    Hey Michael, I think you can run two network cards inside one Win2k box but you better check with your I.T. dude. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    If this can be done, you could then ran a network crossover cable between the two DAW\'s and this should minimise your latency. Also, explicitly set the I.P. address on each card and keep the range small like;

    Same subnet mask of

    Cheers, Scott.

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