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Topic: Rode Mics etc.

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    Rode Mics etc.

    I\'m thinking of getting a couple of Rode mics for classical use and am wondering whetehr anyone has any comments on their good/bad points.

    I have used many different mics and usually my favourites have been the AKG 414s or the stereo all in one version of the same. However, I find that the 414s are a bit upfront in the treble region at times for me.

    I can\'t afford Neumann mics (even though I have a trade price account) and the other biggies are out of the question also. I\'ve considered Audio Technica and the new Shures as well but can\'t seem to find much to recommend them in comparison with the others mentioned.

    Any suggestions would be most appreciated thanks.


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    Re: Rode Mics etc.

    Do a search on \"Rode\" and you will find several discussions about recording orchestral music with them. Are you looking for a large condenser or small?

    I just bought a Rode NT4 stereo mic and am very happy with it so far. See my message entitled Rode NT4 for remote sampling.

    -- Martin

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    Re: Rode Mics etc.

    Its also real sweet on the voice as well. I like them. Used them on the second half of the GSM tutorial. (editor section) on me and Kevin and they are nice.

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    Re: Rode Mics etc.

    Got a pair of NT 5\'s, and absolutley love them. Highly versatile mic\'s, and are truly matched well. I\'d recomend them to anyone, and the company is first rate.

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    Re: Rode Mics etc.

    The Rodes line is excellent.

    We set up a huge array of crazy expenisive and rare tube mics (C24s, Telefunken 251s, Ocenway Customs, etc) for the SOV/VP sessions, and for much of it, we used only the Rodes NT2s...which we only had setup for backup purposes!

    Noise and tonewise for a lot of our choir recording, they slammed everything else....highly recommended.


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    Re: Rode Mics etc.

    nt5 are nice, nt1000 as well... and I like NTK very much ;-)

    we tried NT5s side by side with 84 and 184 neumanns through Neve and it was nothing missing.

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    Re: Rode Mics etc.

    I just bought an NT1000 and it is great - maybe even better than the NT2 which is great. I\'ve tested them against Neumans and 9 out of 10 times liked the Rode better - a bit more high end in a good way. I just used to 1000 to record clarinet/oboe/violin for a film and it worked great.

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    Re: Rode Mics etc.

    ... sorry I had to get away from computer to do something, so I replied in hurry.

    We tried it on harp, grandpiano and cembalo... harp was just the same compared to neumanns, piano was slightly sharper in the upper mids (when carefully listening) and cembalo was a bit sharper too, but there was bigger difference between 84 and 184 than between nt5 and 184. However, if you have money, neumanns are still better, but it cannot compete NT5 if you consider you can get 4 NT5s or one 184 ;-).

    I\'m going to buy nt5 ;-).

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    Re: Rode Mics etc.

    I\'ll second the motion that Rode Microphones are outstanding. They have all been wonderful values for the price, but starting with the NT1000 and NTK, they moved into a whole new league, with specs that not only match the traditional high-dollar microphones but in many cases outright put them to shame. For instance, as far as I am aware, the NT1000 is the quietest microphone of any type ever produced. For sessions where noise floor is a critical issue (i.e., sampling!!) this mic is a great choice for the things its large diaphragm/cardioid pattern complements. Likewise, the NTK is ridiculously quiet for a tube microphone--as quiet as the quietest of FET condensers.

    The Rode mics are also extremely elegant from a mechanical/quality standpoint. They\'re pure class, and incredibly solid and durable.

    The NT-4 stereo mic and NT-5 matched set are also amazing, as has been mentioned here. They really are functionally equivalent to KM84/184 in practice.

    There are a lot of \"me too\" microphones on the market in that price range, but Rode consistently has its own sound and competes with the big boys in about every way.

    Not that I don\'t think there are places where it\'s the right thing to drag out the Neumanns. Sometimes a job\'s profile or client factors demand it. But if you haven\'t heard the latest generation of Rode microphones coming through a nice preamp, you\'d be in for quite the shock. They are not cheap on any level.

    If you want to read an in-depth review of the NT1000/NTK, search by the model on ProRec.com, and you\'ll find them. I\'m wrapping up some other articles right now, and soon there will be a review of the NT4/5 models, but suffice to say for now that they are first rate mics, and you wouldn\'t go wrong investing in them.

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    Re: Rode Mics etc.

    One thing-- you said you found the 414 too trebly? I actually find it to be boxy and veiled sounding. Therefore you might not like the NTK which is big sounding and sizzly on top. Kind of an \"excited\" sound. I haven\'t heard the other Rodes, but generally they are worth what you pay for them.

    I would say be sure to not count out the Audio Technica\'s too. The 4040\'s, 4050\'s and 4033\'s are used here everyday cutting orchestra.

    Most important, get the contender\'s together and listen yourself.

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