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Topic: Post PPP piano and letency/pops

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    Post PPP piano and letency/pops

    I\'m just taking delivery of a PIII800 with a Pulsar II card and fast drives.

    The system plays the Nemesys Gigapiano with good response, but I loaded Michiel Post\'s PPP piano and, although it generally sounds MUCH better, I get really obvious latency and occasional pops when playing block chords and quick riffs.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Post PPP piano and letency/pops

    I also had many problems with audio pops/clicks and latency, not only with the PPP piano (which is a very nice product) but also with *any* very large GS file (1 GB or more). I performed the following system tweaks based on older info posted to this group, and now everything plays great- no more latency and pops! I\'ll be brief here, but if anyone wants more info, just post a note:

    1. Set hard drives to high-speed DMA mode.
    2. No disk compression installed
    3. Disable Windows animation
    4. Edit the Win.ini file and make sure nothing shows after the \"Load=\" or \"Run=\' commands. This disables background tasks. Also check Startup folder, registry, and Autoexec.bat and Config.sys files to disable background tasks.
    5. Reset the size of the vcache via the System.ini file, based on RAM amount in the computer. My computer has 256mb ram, so I set both the minimum and maxiumum Cache = 39322 (15% of RAM).
    6. Disable read-ahead optimization.
    7. Defragment the hard drives (often!).
    8. Disable write-behind disk caching.
    9. Set Virtual Memory to a fixed amount (I set mine to a minimum and maxiumum of 800).
    10. Make sure Control Panel-->System-->Performance window says \'Your system is configured for optimal performance\'.

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    Re: Post PPP piano and letency/pops

    I have problems with PPP the also. I have to upgrade my hardware (extra harddisk and extra RAM), and see how it works then. My impression is that the recommended 256 Mb RAM the PPP is not enough. I think you need at least 384 Mb.

    I will report how it works when I have completed the upgrade.

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