I did a test last night with my new Rode NT4 microphone. I am going to be using it with my portable setup (at least initially) which is a Sharp 722 minidisc recorder and a Denecke AD-20 stereo digital preamp. I first recorded a short part of a piano piece (Christofori\'s Dream by David Lanz) using the NT4 positioned to the open side of the lid on my 100 year old Mason and Hamlin 6\'1\" grand piano. Then I positioned a pair of AT 853 microphones from Sound Professionals (www.soundprofessionals.com) with their 9 volt battery pack using the same preamp. The positioning of the microphones was as close as possible, but the AT 853 was not in the same fixed XY position as the NT4. The names of the files are AT853.wav and NT4.wav. Then I recorded two more takes on the NT4. One from the end of the piano opposite the playing position, and another six feet out from the side to get some room ambience.

No cracks about my lousy piano playing, or the fact that my piano is a bit out of tune. I haven\'t played it in years [smile].

I was thoroughly impressed with the NT4. It sounds much better to me than the AT853, and I had been very happy with the AT853s for location stereo recording.

The Rode was powered by a 9v battery also, and the entire setup was totally battery powered. No A/C required.

All of the above files are in a rar file (it compresses better than zip) of about 12 megs at:



-- Martin