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Topic: SONAR - Not as speedy as I thought...

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    SONAR - Not as speedy as I thought...

    I\'ve always been a Cakewalk user and the recent upgrade to SONAR seemed only like a wise decision.

    HOWEVER, in light of recent events I\'m starting to doubt its use to me, as my work is largely midi track based;

    \"unlimited midi tracks\" they say. Well sure but did they mention that having over 100 tracks makes your system superslow?

    My midi template is around 150-200 midi channels, and so I need a simple track layout. This is a reason why Cakewalk and SONAR is my primary choice. Unfortunately I\'ve stumbled across a big problem that annoys the hell out of me these days:

    It takes around 2 minutes to load an empty template of 200 tracks!!!

    Totally unacceptable, right?! While SONAR is loading the template it stops for a good minute or so, not responding to anything at all. The system locks itself up and I have to wait another minute till everything is back to normal. When the template is loaded, however, everything is back to normal and SONAR is working smoothly again.

    Another problem is scrolling up and down in the arrange window. Particularily UP. It\'s slow as if I was still on some old IBM 386 computer! What\'s with these guys at Cakewalk?! Have they totally neglected their midi using customers out there in favor of keeping up with the audio part?

    Right now I can\'t be troubled to uninstall SONAR and install my old Cakewalk 9 copy, but if anyone here is still working with Cakewalk 8 or 9, please conduct the follow experiment:

    Make a new project, create 200 midi tracks and save. Close and reload the project and time it. How long does it take in good old Cakewalk?

    Just sharing my thoughts/findings with you guys.


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    Re: SONAR - Not as speedy as I thought...


    As a Sonar user from the very first day of release 1, I will tell you something that will make your use of Sonar far more satisfactory. Don\'t assume that if there is a problem the fault is with Sonar. It rarely is. Far more likely that it is a driver problem with your midi device or sound card, or with your computer configuration.

    I just created 200 midi tracks in a Sonar project. It took less than 2 seconds. Then I saved the project. That took about 1 second. Finally I closed and reloaded the project. That took less than a second. Midi is and has always been very fast in Sonar. I promise if it were even a 10th as slow as you are experiencing, people would be screaming their heads off on the Sonar forum. They are not.

    I am running Sonar on an Athlon 950 with 768 megs ram and 3 hard drives. What is your system configuration, and what midi and sound interfaces are you using? What version of Sonar? What operating system?

    I am more than happy to help you here, but you could probably get a faster resolution on the Sonar newsgroup, because there are many more people there.

    Just for grins, I just added another 900 tracks to the project making a total of 1100 midi tracks. It took 8 seconds to create the tracks, about 8 seconds to save it, and about 10 seconds to load it again after closing it. I can scroll from track one to track 1100 in less than 1 second using the scroll bar in the track view.

    -- Martin

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    Re: SONAR - Not as speedy as I thought...

    Funny, I just wrote Cakewalk and asked how to go back to 2.0 from 2.1. Nothing changed but this upgrade, and I am getting freezes and crashes, where before it was a rock. Still, it could be something else. So, where is the Cakewalk forum??

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    Re: SONAR - Not as speedy as I thought...

    Doyle, here\'s a couple of links:


    Thomas, it takes me ~45 seconds to load a blank 300 MIDI-track template with SONAR 2.0 and about 30 seconds to save the project file...I hate computers.


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    Re: SONAR - Not as speedy as I thought...


    The Sonar forum is a newsgroup. You can access it with a newsgroup reader (like Outlook Express) at news.cakewalk.com. There are a number of groups for Cakewalk, Sonar and other products.

    -- Martin

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    Re: SONAR - Not as speedy as I thought...

    BTW, I\'m using version 2.1 of Sonar both at home and at work without problems.

    Neal, what are the specs of your computer?

    Doyle, try deleting the file aud.ini (without Sonar running) and then run Sonar and let it profile your sound card again. Be sure and write down your audio path if you set it different than the default, because it is stored in that file. You will need to reset it if you do that. It\'s usually better to do that than to just reprofile the card. Let me know if that helps.

    -- Martin

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    Re: SONAR - Not as speedy as I thought...

    18 secs to open 200 midi tracks in sonar 2.0
    with xp 1.9 512ddram soltek sl 75drv-4 mainboard.
    i don\'t like my chip set ,via kt 266e
    sound card is aardvark lx6 pro.
    btw Thomas:
    where is your web site?did you use vota to say \"satan must reign\"?could you explaim the process please?have you done some edit in kirk hunter?
    you are planning something huge for sure .200 midi tracks ,holy cown!!!!! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: SONAR - Not as speedy as I thought...

    Hey Thomas, before I got Gigastudio, I asked a couple people if buying Sonar would be wise. They claimed that Sonar had a couple bugs in it that needed fixing, (Just repeating info) and that using Cakewalk 9 was the way to go. Well, I\'ve been using 9.0, and tried the 200 track thing, and it took a very short while to load it up. My template consists of 64 tracks and it loads up almost instantly.

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    Re: SONAR - Not as speedy as I thought...

    Thanks to everyone for the help! I knew there had to be something wrong here. I\'m using SONAR 1.31 because I was told SONAR 2.0 had some issues with gigastudio. The computer is a 512mb Sdram dedicated AMD duron 800mhz. KT266 VIA chipset. It is only running SONAR. Win98se operating system (Haven\'t bought XP yet) - Gina soundcard (although I hardly ever use audio tracks) and musiclabs ethernet midi driver solution (+ a couple of midiman USB devices)

    It looks like people are getting very different load times here. Perhaps I should try a clean reinstall of everything from Windows to SONAR.

    Aaron: Nice to see that you\'re still using Cakewalk 9. I actually still miss it. It really gets the job done. Thanks for testing it for me. (exactly how fast is \"a very short while\"?)

    Neal, thanks for the links! At 45 sec it takes quite a while for you too!

    Ricardo: My website is down. I\'m currently in the process of switching ISPs and my webdesigner isn\'t exactly one of the fast working kind... At least the stuff he DOES make looks great. Expect to see a new site around March/April next year.

    Satan was one of my first experiments building words with Peter Siedlaczek\'s Classical Choir library. The process was simple. First I sequenced the rhythm in a track with the \"aah\" sustained patch. Then when I had the rhytmic pattern layed down I would copy the \"aah\" track to all the other tracks. \"ooh, eeh, mmm, sss\" etc. and delete notes to form the words. It\'s time-consuming but not hard.

    With a template of 200 tracks I\'m not necessarily planning something huge. I just like to have all my favorite samples loaded at all times for better creative flow. You lose so much time when you have to boot up all the computers, load their respective templates and then start looking for sounds. I like to have everything on at any time of the day. I\'ve even woken up at night with musical ideas which I have then jotted down (almost in my sleep) on the setup which is on standby 24/7.

    Anyway, many thanks for your responses! I hope to sort out the problem by installing either SONAR 2.0(1?) or Cakewalk 9.


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    Re: SONAR - Not as speedy as I thought...

    Hi Thomas,

    Send me a private e-mail when you get an opportunity. nospam-bandmaster@swbell.net-nospam

    Obviously, remove the nospam tags.

    Best regards,

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