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Topic: How does Gigastudio 96 NFX reverb work?

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    How does Gigastudio 96 NFX reverb work?

    I read something about the reverb settings being controlled by mod wheels, and expression controllers. Can you just assign the different levels of the reverb you want on each midi channel on Gigastudio without having to use your keyboard controllers to do this?
    For instance if I want track one to be strings, can I add a small room reverb to it on midi channel 1, then on track 2 have a harp and add a large reverb to it on midi channel 2 all on Gigastudios interface without having to use my Roland XP-80s keyboard controllers to adjust each level of wetness and dryness?
    I\'ve never really used realtime effects before and was just curious how this works with Gigastudio 96.

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    Re: How does Gigastudio 96 NFX reverb work?


    to do something like this you need a GSIF-soundcard.

    Then you can send a signal from each MIDI-channel to an AUX-channel. The send level is input-level to the reverb-session that is running on the AUX channel. This way you determine if the strings have more and the brass less effect on effect output.

    If you want different rooms (e.g. large/small) for different MIDI-channels you can start different reverb sessions on different AUX-channels. However each reverb sessions takes something like 10% of CPU-time.

    If you have a standard Direct-X-only soundcard you will only have one Stereo output to put effect onto. That means you can only control the amount of reverb for the whole performance.

    The send signals can be assigned to a number of selectable MIDI-controllers.

    Hope that helps.

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