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Topic: using gigasampler to record as midi in sequencers

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    using gigasampler to record as midi in sequencers

    Can this be done? I am using cakewalk and am trying to record gigasamples as midi. Right now, I can only record gigasamples as audio..any reply is appreciated...

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    Re: using gigasampler to record as midi in sequencers

    I\'m not sure I understand.

    You can\'t really record gigasamples as midi - they are two very different types of info.

    The gigasamples are basically pcm audio data, similar to what you have on a music CD.

    On the other hand, midi data is just low frequency computer instructions. This data stream carries commands like \'play patch 01, note C3 on channel 1 at velocity 64\', \'play patch 25, note D3 on channel 2 at velocity 75\', \'turn off C3 on channel 1\'.

    Midi generally has no way of knowing what sound is on the other end. It just changes patches in the synthesizer.

    Do you want to record a series of midi notes into Cakewalk\'s midi tracks which will play tunes various instruments in the Gigasampler?

    If so you just have to make sure that cakewalk \'sees\' the midi ports for gigasampler, and that you\'re recording onto the midi tracks of cakewalk, not the audio ones.

    This way, instead of recording Giga \'sounds\' onto cakewalk AUDIO tracks, you record the MIDI notes from your master keyboard onto cakewalk MIDI tracks. While you\'re recording, this midi flows through to the Gigsampler patches so that you hear the notes you want. When you play back, those previously recorded midi notes fire those Gigsampler patches again. You can even change sounds after you\'ve recorded the track to audition alternatives.

    If you\'re already aware of this, please pleeeease excuse my simplistic approach. It\'s just that your problem seems like it comes from that grey area where people know that when they download a midi file it plays a piece of audio, but don\'t realise that all the audio is being done by the computer\'s soundcard - that it\'s not embedded in the midi stream.

    Good Luck

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