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Topic: Advanced Orchestra -- Timpani, Oboe

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    Advanced Orchestra -- Timpani, Oboe

    I am pretty new to big libraries of samples, but I bought Peter Siedlaczek\'s Advanced Orchestra set, and am puzzled by some of the range limitations -- the timpani stop at a sounding E below middle C, whereas real timpani, 24\" drums, go up at least to Bb or even higher in a pinch.

    And the oboe goes down to middle C -- leaving out the B and Bb that all oboes have even if they don\'t sound good for most purposes.

    There are a few others I noticed too, I think. Am I missing something?

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    Re: Advanced Orchestra -- Timpani, Oboe

    Well. Its not a perfect world. Neither are the samples in it. Get the best out of what you have. If that Oboe doesnt reach its pitch - find another solution. I have heard wonderful things done with AO. Reading from posts here I think the biggest problem is that alot of the instruments are not pitched correctly. Somebody wrote about woodwinds the other day - being out of note.

    Love - Chris

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    Re: Advanced Orchestra -- Timpani, Oboe

    Go into the editor and stretch the bottom oboe sample down to Bb-should not take long at all. If you don\'t know how, look for the updated help file on the Tascam site. It will make it easy.

    Just work on a copy to be sure (Save as before beginning)

    You can probably do the same with the top of the timp...


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    Re: Advanced Orchestra -- Timpani, Oboe

    Thank you for the pointer! Many of the sounds are quite nice, and the strings are easier to use in many ways than the Garritan Orchestral Strings which I am also exploring.

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    Re: Advanced Orchestra -- Timpani, Oboe

    It\'s a pity those notes are missing. I was looking for them just the other day. They\'re only really useful in certain contexts, as they both sound like a goose honking. They\'re very difficult for a player to handle at any volume other than LOUD also. That\'s one of the (many) downfalls of working with samples, is that you don\'t get practical experience in how to balance real instruments. Not to say that I\'ve never adjusted the range of a sampler intsrument when I needed note out of the \"real\" range.


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