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Topic: New White Grand Demo

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    New White Grand Demo

    I posted this before, but buried in another thread. You might have missed it, if not, sorry for re-posting!
    Performed/Produced by Jeremy Whaley, one of WG\'s betatesters.
    White Grand Close Demo 2 Happy X-mas!!!

    Piano - White Grand Close
    Bass - Trilogy
    Gtr - Stock sample from Kontakt
    Pad - Atmostphere
    Boys Choir - Symphony of Voices.

    No there is nothing added to the piano in the way of Compression, or EQ. Just a touch of of verb from a TC electronics unit.

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    Re: New White Grand Demo

    Hi Worra,
    Merry X-mas to you too.
    Sounds very nice.

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    Re: New White Grand Demo

    Michael and Worra

    Merry XmAS from me too! Both your products are inspiring.

    Thanks for this DEMO as it puts into perspective the genres it can be used in. I find it very sweet to the ears.

    Jeremy congrats, very nice.


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    Re: New White Grand Demo

    Thanks Dave. I appreciate the kind words [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I would like to say I\'ve been working with Worra on this and the WG is in fact a great library to work with [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I think you will ALL be pleased!


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