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Topic: Anyone else developing piano VSTI's?

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    Anyone else developing piano VSTI\'s?

    Are any of the other developers putting together piano VSTI\'s? Franky? Hans? Matt?

    Lately, I\'ve been wishing that there was a way for the old soundfont format to support things like release samples and pedal down samples, so I could take my Giga instruments and use them in a soundfont player in Cubase. (Some of these soundfont players let you devote the player to an instrument, so you load the instrument with the player. Because the player doesn\'t consume a lot disk space, you can essentially have ten players on your hard drive, each devoted to an instrument.)

    Of course, I can load Kontakt or VSampler and soon Giga as a VSTI, and play from there, but I\'ve come to hate the steps of loading the VSTI in Cubase and then loading samples into the VSTI. It may be a minor quibble that I\'m exaggerating, but it just seems much more clean to have an instrument immediately available from the VSTI list in Cubase.

    Is it entirely impossible for the soundfont code to ever support these things, or has EMU just stopped revising the code? Or is there some other way of getting the sounds and features into a VSTI that avoids the intermediary--a Kompakt-like thing that, like Michiel\'s Bos VSTI, doesn\'t need a softsampler?

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    Re: Anyone else developing piano VSTI\'s?

    The soundfont code is nothing more than a soundfile with voice assignements. It needs a seperate player to make sound. This will not change.

    I\'m almost certain that one day a clever software developer will stand up and program what you need: an application that allows you to create your own VSTi based on a soundfont or Gig file. This will make it possible to have your favourite sound(s) and convert them into a VSTi based on these sounds. The main problem is that you need a playback engine. There are not too many of these available right now.

    Knowing how much work Native Instruments have put in creating the Kompakt player playback engine that is the engine in my piano VSTi (and EWQLSO, HardcoreBass etc), I don\'t expect this to happen very soon. But the above scenario will happen one day.

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    Re: Anyone else developing piano VSTI\'s?

    Check this!

    ... and with the help of FX Teleport for example...

    It seems that things are changing fast.

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    Re: Anyone else developing piano VSTI\'s?

    Steinberg\'s \"The Grand\" is a VSTi and sounds quite good based on what I played at a friends recently. You might check it out [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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