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Topic: cubase and panning

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    cubase and panning

    Can anyone recommend whether it is best to pan the instruments in cubase or gigastudio, and if cubase, what settings shall i use for the orchestra - found some settings on this forum but they go from l90 to r90 whereas cubase dosen\'t go nearly that far. Also when saving pan and volume settings in gigastudio i find that they have been reset next time i load the song.

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    Re: cubase and panning

    The midi mixer in Gigastudio is totally midi driven.

    Cubase defaults to sending certain reset messages at certain times (when you hit stop twice, change tracks, or even at the end of a part).

    Many of these resets can be unchecked somewhere in Cubase. If that doesn\'t work for you, set the panning in the track inspector - then the reset doesn\'t matter.

    I\'m wondering if the difference between Cubase\'s panning and other people\'s suggestions is simply a difference in the scales they\'re using. Perhaps L64 on one device equates to L127 on another?

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    Re: cubase and panning

    Chadwick has a right answered for you!
    Don\'t expect the Giga would saves panning and Volume for you! If the sequencers work right, as long as you run sequencer you should see these panning move. If not you must insert the CC# within the SEQ. What I would do is that at begin of song, I would have at least 3 bars, just intializing all setup, like the panning, program changed and Volume changed before sending the Notes. Then we could make it as project-template for other similar projects used as well.
    Hope this helps,

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    Re: cubase and panning

    I normally let all the panning stay in the center for MIDI tracks. Once I have bounced each one to audio, only then do I pan the audio tracks where I want them. This works if you bounce track-by-track, but not if you are bouncing the entire output from Giga all at once.

    Hope this helps!

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    Re: cubase and panning

    I pan them in Cakewalk and record all instruments at once.

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    Re: cubase and panning

    I record important stereo sources, like the 5 string sections into 4 separate stereo tracks in Logic at once (via adat). The tracks then use Waves S1 as insert plugin for stereo placement and to make the individual images narrower. This maintains more of the original stereo info than if you just use L-R panning.
    Recording is done with centered audio, but during Midi work I can also use the S1\'s on the Logic input channels to have a representative image.
    I hope that Cubase SX can also support this approach, as I have just ordered the crossgrade.

    (demos on my site were done with a simpler single DAW/Gst setup, recording analog stereo mixes)

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