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Topic: 2nd Orchestal piece-Any mentors available?

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    2nd Orchestal piece-Any mentors available?

    My second piece with GPO. I\'m still quite new on Logic and am getting a bit of a handle on using MOD wheel for volume. Velocity for timbre and attack.

    What am I doing wrong? (And maybe a bit of what I\'m doing right.)


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    Re: 2nd Orchestal piece-Any mentors available?

    Hey rJ,
    It\'s no \"California Girlz\" but it\'s quite nice. I don\'t know what advice to try and share regarding mod wheel and velocities but it sounds like you are on the right track. The last two GPO user demos have pleased me quite a bit.
    (Insert Handzzzz rebutal here [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img] )
    If anything, orchestration wise, I found the middle section could have used a little thinning out. Other than that very nice work.

    Keep em coming


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    Re: 2nd Orchestal piece-Any mentors available?

    Its sounds funny...but on the next one, I\'m definately going to use fewer notes. I\'m on a quest for concisity (coined a word).

    That\'s a problem I have with all my music.

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    Re: 2nd Orchestal piece-Any mentors available?

    WOW! I never think I say that( [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] ), but I LIKE this demo! it sounds nice and sweet! *RESPECT*

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    Re: 2nd Orchestal piece-Any mentors available?

    Very nice. I especially like the intro. Very light and clean.

    My one point of (hopefully) constructive criticism is that some of the sections seem a bit static in their overall dynamics. I picture the shape of a hockey stick - the sections are flat for 10 or 20 seconds, then end with a quick mini-crescendo done with timpani or cymbals.

    There are many ways to spice things up - build instrumentation slowly, swap the instrumentation as it builds, slowly strip instruments away towards a soft sound... But I\'ll leave it to you to think about and solve as you wish (or don\'t solve as you wish. :-) Mainly, think about how to best keep things constantly moving.

    I hope my feedback is helpful. This is one of the best GPO user demos I\'ve heard so far.

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    Re: 2nd Orchestal piece-Any mentors available?

    That is a nice work. Would you mind sending me a MIDI file? I would like to work my own magic with it using VSL.

    I don\'t have GPO yet.

    Here is my address:


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    Re: 2nd Orchestal piece-Any mentors available?

    It\'s definitely a well-crafted and ingenious little piece.
    Please consider posting the midi file for all to see.

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    Re: 2nd Orchestal piece-Any mentors available?

    \'r\' I enjoyed that; clever little piece....very jolly and Christmassy! I like all the little countermelodies going on all over the place...plenty to keep the interest going!


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    Re: 2nd Orchestal piece-Any mentors available?

    >> \"You\'re so right, Jon. I\'ve added a few more dynamics. I suppose I could automate the entire output and get a bit more rising and falling as a conductor might. Is that legal?\"

    If it sounds good to you, it\'s legal :-) That\'s the beauty of being a virtual composer/arranger/performer/conductor.

    I did a piece recently in which I varied each instrument\'s dynamics from pp to ff. I then recorded envelopes in real time, so each individual note could vary. The envelopes also accetuated the builds and falls. Each individual track was nicely musical (to me :-). I then rendered the tracks separately and opened them in Vegas for the mix.

    When I listened closely, I was surprised at how poor the balance between the instruments remained. I did some per-track EQ to get the strings out of each other\'s space (it was a solo string piece). I also ran each instrument through Acoustic Mirror (an impulse reverb). Finally, I automated the mix, so each instrument was in the correct balance throughout the piece. I did some small crescendos here, but mostly I just balanced. The crescendos and diminuendos were already present - but I could have pushed them further at this point.

    In the end I didn\'t need to run any compression. I just normalized and went to MP3.

    I could imagine listening to the final work, deciding that it needs to be pushed just a little bit more, and then varying the master for that extra push, but I wouldn\'t do any more than that. I think it would sound too much like a volume control being varied.

    I guess my recommendation is to strive for musicality at each stage. First for each instrument, then for the overall balance between the tracks. If the tracks don\'t \"sing\" individually, it\'s nearly impossible to make them sing after they\'ve been mixed.

    I can\'t wait to try out GPO. The idea of varying attack with velocity and volume/timbre with the wheel is enticing. It sounds intuitive, but I won\'t know for sure until my fingers are on the keyboard.

    Again, it\'s a nice demo. I wouldn\'t worry about giving the apple another layer of polish. I\'d recommend creating more music and learning more through each and every cycle.

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    Re: 2nd Orchestal piece-Any mentors available?

    You\'re so right, Jon. I\'ve added a few more dynamics. I suppose I could automate the entire output and get a bit more rising and falling as a conductor might. Is that legal?

    Its supposed to musically suggest a sleigh ride and I didn\'t want them getting into an accident [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] so the ride is pretty steady.

    I thought about having it go down a hill and get a bit out of control but didn\'t want to tackle that musically and realized (rationalized) that it wasn\'t a tabogin(sp?) ride.

    I made the ride by the church a bit louder too. Took out a few \"extra\" strings in one part.

    Also added a bit more reverb.

    New and Improved \"Sleigh Ride\"

    BTW the sleigh bells and one cymbal aren\'t from GPO.

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