Last night I emailed the BSOD problem I mentioned in my previous topic post to Nemesys before I hit the sack (I live in the land down under).

I know many users have reported difficulty getting feedback from Nemesys suuport, so I was keeping my fingers crossed.

It may reassure some of you to know that I woke up this morning to mail from Dave with details on how to pursue a solution (basically a manual clean out and reinstall for which he supplied registry details).

I was able to email it to the store working on the problem so that it\'ll be waiting for them when the techhead gets in.

Dave also explained that they have in fact been suffering the problems we assumed were there. They\'ve had a huge increase in their user base, are in the middle of hiring more personnel, reorganizing, and apparently encountering problems with some new software they run on Windows (chuckles ).

Anywaym it\'s clear to me that they\'re trying to improve the situation at their end, which will ultimately help the rest of us.