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Topic: Kontakt Can't Find Samples...What Gives?

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    Kontakt Can\'t Find Samples...What Gives?

    Has anyone had this problem?

    I load in a Gig file, and Kontakt plays it just fine. I make a couple of edits (These were hi hats that needed the open hats moved to a new group so they\'d cut off the old group). All is well. I save the new PATCH, and make sure it says to include samples in what it saves, and then when I try to reload it, KONTAKT starts asking where samples are. I guide KONTAKT to the folder where they are, but sure enough, the sample it is looking for is NOT in the folder. Is this a MAC bug with KONTAKT?

    Thanks for any help...

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    Re: Kontakt Can\'t Find Samples...What Gives?

    I\'ve had a similar problem with gig file imports (RGD to be specific [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] )

    but not with saving the samples, only saving a multi...which meant reconverting the gig file each time. It wouldn\'t find a sample from time to time. I\'d tell it to ignore it, then reconvert it...boom all was fine.

    I also got this problem with some Dance Mega Drums kits. It might have to do with Mono/stereo, or it might have to do with the mega/giga libraries [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    not exactly sure, since I\'m not trying to spend time \"testing\" it, just finding workarounds if I can (like the +/- CC envelope drawing...which I guess I\'ll post about)

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    Re: Kontakt Can\'t Find Samples...What Gives?

    I had the same problem with converting gig samples
    too. When it starts convering , a message
    like \" Can`t find ???_mf_051.wav \" ( this is an example)
    comes up. So I press \" find \" and find that file myself
    and click it. Then a different message comes up and it says ,\"Do you want to use the same path for other
    wav files ? \" and I click \"yes\" .
    And it all goes fine [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    Maybe this is the bug that there fixing .
    So it maybe fixed in the 1.2.1 update .
    Hope it comes out really soon....
    I`m getting tired .....
    ( I dont want 1.3 , I want 1.2.1 because of the MAS support. )

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    Re: Kontakt Can\'t Find Samples...What Gives?

    Same problem, when I save a program after edits it can cause problems like \"can\'t find sample:xxx.wav\". Sometimes autofind helps. Sometimes not.
    This is very boring when you move the folder with the samples around (or burn it on a disk for a customer). Even with Relative path enabled this keeps appearing.

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    Re: Kontakt Can\'t Find Samples...What Gives?

    but the good news: when you use TRANSLATOR \"fix references\" your problem vanishes!

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    Re: Kontakt Can\'t Find Samples...What Gives?

    Hans from Art vista found a good workaround for this bug when he was beta testing his Giga to kontakt Malmsjo port.I cant remember how he did it but Im sure if send him a note he`ll tell ya`..Rich

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    Re: Kontakt Can\'t Find Samples...What Gives?


    Try move the folder containing the program and samples one step up (Make first sub-folder to main folder.) This made the trick for me.

    Maybe there is a limit how deep in sub folders Kontakt looks for the samples.

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