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Topic: Golden Rule

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    Golden Rule

    This is just the Finale Version, but I thought I'd share a little project I started yesterday after hearing a wonderful new piece my brother wrote for Sax.

    This is called The Golden Rule and is scored for:

    GPO Trumpet, Piano, Strings, Guitar, Bass and Drums.

    I am intending to put it through my DAW as a practice piece in using my Sonar X2 Producer, but, as I said, this is the Finale version only. It does have lyrics, but I will post those later.


    We dream to write and we write to dream.

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    Re: Golden Rule

    That sounds clear and balanced, two things I wouldn't always associate with a Finale output. Be nice to hear the DAW version when you're done - it's a great piece to practice on. You'd be surprised by what the smallest tweaks will achieve. Such as pushing notes forward or back by tiny amounts to humanize the timing, adjusting the tempo track, and mod wheel/velocity data. A lot of stuff that finale tries to do automatically with varying degrees of success. When you have full manual control of all of that the results can take longer, but the will be better.

    If it means anything, I also went from Finale to DAW, and the learning curve was steep for me. I doubt you mean to abandon the notation like I did though, I just didn't have the time for both.
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    Re: Golden Rule

    Sweet! I really enjoy its upbeat, good ol' pop spirit. This rendering is really twinkling and nice sounding. I think you'll have a great time working in Sonar with this, working with the DAW tools. Getting the strings up in the mix will be a good thing to try when you're there.

    Thanks, Bill - We don't hear music from you nearly often enough. It's a rare, appreciated treat.


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    Re: Golden Rule

    Randy and Plowking, thanks for the comments.

    Plowking: I did a bit of balancing in the Aria Engine in Finale. There is a lot of EQuing and balance you can do in the controls tab of the Engine. For me it is hit or miss, I use my ear to determine if I like the setting of the EQ I choose for each instrument. I also turn the stereo stage (cc 103) on and add a depth for each instrument. Again that is done by ear. So it is possible to tinker a bit with the sound. I also use (misuse) the dynamic expression marks to get clean attacks from the instruments - legato, staccato, slurs, etc.

    Randy: Old masterful one, the Yoda of DAW, I am trying my best to learn. And will display my results as I achieve them hear for all to see - in essence I will bare my musical expertise in sound engineering as I proceed for all to see if I succeed, or fail.

    With that in mind here is my first adventure into the DAW world. All I have done so far is clean up the attacks of the trumpet and strings, added a little reverb to the trumpet and put in a mix compression. I also tried to balance the volumes of each of the instruments and place them into a stereo field.

    Here is SONAR Golden Rule example 1

    for those that like to compare, here is the

    Finale Version

    and for your amusement, here's the version with some additional work with me playing the trumpet:

    Trumpet Version

    We dream to write and we write to dream.

    Challenge #10 Winner

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