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Topic: EXSP24 for Horizon ?!

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    EXSP24 for Horizon ?!

    Well, the topic says it well. Is the EXSP24 enough to get 100% out of those VSL Horizon libraries ? I\'m seldomly editing samples and I don\'t own Logic anyway so I can\'t use the full EXS24. For what I\'ve heard the EXS versions are a bit better than GS. Anybody who can proof that ?


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    Re: EXSP24 for Horizon ?!

    Be aware that EXSP does not use disk streaming but relies exlusively on RAM. Hence, if you got one of those new G5\'s with 4gigs of RAM you\'ll probably be ok, but otherwise you might run out of memory before you can load all the sounds you need.

    For $299, EXS24 still remains IMHO the best deal under the sun for a full featured soft sampler with excellent disk streaming....if you ask me, it\'s well worth the extra dough from EXSP

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    Re: EXSP24 for Horizon ?!

    The thing is... PC [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I know I could go with an older Logic and EXS24 but well I don\'t intend to do so.

    Good to know that it\'s not using disk streaming. Then it\'s probably out of my interest. Will go with the Giga versions then.

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