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Topic: BREATH controlling

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    BREATH controlling

    I\'ve finally managed to update the breath controller related page on my site, with the new layout and a new demo.

    Click here and then click on the \"BREATH CONTROLLING\" topic, in the top-left topics menu.

    Merry Christmas and happy new year,

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    Re: BREATH controlling

    If ever there was a man who\'d love a Yamaha VL1...

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    Re: BREATH controlling

    I\'ve updated my breath controller related page on Christmas eve, you can now find two other demos:

    - Bela Bartok\'s Waves for piano and Tenor Sax
    - \"A Logic Christmas\" another rock/fusion easy listening piece with a synthsax solo played by me

    Click here to visit my page (www.albertorizzoschettino.com/breathcontroller)

    Have a great holiday and best wishes for a new year full of great inspiration and music!


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    Re: BREATH controlling

    If ever there was a man who\'d love a Yamaha VL1...
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Nick, the VL1 and VL70m were a great beginning, but Yamaha abandoned the technology (actually, they just cheapened it to include in their sample-player boxes) but they never developed it to the degree it could be, I would guess they were put off by the consumer response to technology that required a bit of understanding to program (and practice to use!)

    Are you aware of anyone working to seriously advance PM technology? IMHO, PM holds the greatest promise for serious interactrive, organic sound, but no one has latched on to it to sork out the kinks and give it a nice GUI front end.


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    Re: BREATH controlling

    I\'m not aware of anything new, Dasher, and I believe your theory about why Yamaha didn\'t go farther with it is right: unless you know how to play it, it sounds broken. On the other hand, it shouldn\'t be very difficult to learn how to use a breath controller.

    And in my opinion, the VL1 (which is quite a bit better than the VL70m) is *the* crowning achievement in synthesis - not that it\'s the only instrument you need, of course. I agree that it hasn\'t reached its potential, but what it has reached is amazing. It\'s the only synthesizer I\'ve played responds with the same kind of nuances as an acoustic instrument. Some of the sounds could fool you that they\'re the real instrument, some couldn\'t fool you but have exactly the same effect - and some are pretty naff. And some are new \"acoustic\" instrument sounds that don\'t exist but sound like they do.

    It\'s almost illegal how much I like that instrument! That and the EWI controller.

    If only it were that easy to play samples musically - i.e. if everything we do with MIDI controllers, keyswitching, changing the sample length, etc. could be controlled by breath.

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    Re: BREATH controlling

    Nick, I absolutely LOVE my VL-70m with BC3. The expression is so much better than what I can achieve with wheels and aftertouch. Yes, you have to learn to play it-didn\'t you have to do that with all your instruments? I have not found a rational price on the VL1 or I\'d have one, for sure.

    But my \'vision\' is a GUI interface which allows one to select top-down-for example (without a great deal of thought):

    first, pick a body shape-tube, box, viol, guitar-assume tube, etc.

    Next pick a scale (just because we can) equal temp, pelog, werkmeister II, etc.

    What is the diameter, length, wall thickness, material?

    What is the exciter: trumpet-style mouthpice, single/double reed, bow, pick, etc.

    Where does the exciter contact the body-min/max position

    This could all easily be done with graphical elements, at each stage the instrument is \'retuned\' and evaluated as to likelihood of being able to be played, when the probablillty drops enough, hints are displayed, so a 4-foot diameter pipe 6 inches long would require a \'skin\' surface and become a drum...

    Not an easy interface to build, but it would make PM accessible to the musician who wanted to create new instruments without needing to know the math.

    Anyway, thanks for letting me rant...


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    Re: BREATH controlling

    Yamaha had a free Mac editor for the VL1 and VL7 that worked pretty much that way. I can probaby track it down if you can\'t find it with an internet search.

    By the way, I didn\'t mean to turn up my nose at the VL-70m! VL1s are hard to find for a reasonable price. I bought mine for $1100 when they were being blown out sometime around 1996 (plus I had a review unit to play with between 1994 and then, so I\'ve been using it since the beginning). Actually, I bought the module for that price and then traded someone straight across for the mini-keyboard version (which is the same, but it has sliders, etc.).

    Recently someone was selling a VL1m for $1200 in the Los Angeles area. I\'d love to have snagged it, but I just can\'t justify the expense just for the sheer piggery of having a second one.

    Yamaha intended to release a VA synth with multiple voices a few years ago, in fact I saw the manual online, but I guess they figured it wouldn\'t sell and pulled the plug.

    What\'s interesting to me is that we\'re still using samples, in fact streaming samplers and large amounts of memory have created something that\'s almost a new \"synthesis\" method.

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    Re: BREATH controlling

    Hi Alberto,

    First chance I had to hear a before and after bc demo. Thanks for opportunity.

    Also, you win for best web site. Very nice. Did you hire out or design/code yourself?


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    Re: BREATH controlling

    Nick, I already have the editor. Thanks for the offer. It\'s good for the current generation, but the base machine just doesn\'t go far enough, IMO.

    I didn\'t hear about the VA, but if they did with it what they did with the FM technology, then it\'s just a super-VL1 - which is not bad in itself, but I really want a few more identified parameters-various metals, woods, stone, plastics, etc. alnog with more \'obvious\' and \'intuitive\' controls, beside the \'behind-the-scene\' numeric inputs. This would enable the musician who hates manuals to figure it out easily, yet allow full control. Also more exciter types would be cool. Pluck your magic twanger, Froggie!


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    Re: BREATH controlling

    I also have to confess that I\'ve done next to no tweaking of VL1 sounds. There are lots of great sounds available that have been tweaked to respond perfectly, so there isn\'t much I\'ve needed to do other than the odd modulation removal here and there.

    (Preprogramming vibrato - in this context, not in orchestral samples - should carry a mandatory jail term!)

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