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Topic: Convert .gig instrument file to .wav's:How?????

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    Convert .gig instrument file to .wav\'s:How?????

    I don\'t have GS or S-convertor software.
    My goal is to convert one of the .gig instrument files at worra\'s place into individual .wav files and to utilize it from there.What programs can do this outside of GS.
    Thanks in advance!!!

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    Re: Convert .gig instrument file to .wav\'s:How?????

    Try either
    Amazing Sound\'s CDXtract at:


    Rubber Chicken Sytems Translator at:

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    Re: Convert .gig instrument file to .wav\'s:How?????

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Chadwick:
    [B]Try either
    Amazing Sound\'s CDXtract at:
    What is the step by step instruction on hiw this is done? Thanks

    Unfortunately this is $150.00 going uo to $200.00!!!

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    Re: Convert .gig instrument file to .wav\'s:How?????

    Hey Emu,

    I haven\'t used it yet, but it seems pretty transparent. CDXtract sees the disk, you load the sample, program or partition, and choose save. Then it lets you choose what format (eg wave) to save in.

    This is from the help menu:

    Quote \"There are many ways to save programs and samples, you can select one program or one sample and click on the Save button, you can select one or several partitions (or volumes) and then click on the Save button or use the multisave menu. You will then get the following window :

    >pic of dialog box here<

    You can choose what you want to convert (samples only or programs and samples) and the output format. You can also specify the destination directory.

    CDxtract will automatically create a directory structure on your hard drive to reproduce the hierarchy of the sampler media, you can disable this feature by leaving the \"Create directory structure\" unchecked.
    CDxtract will also create a report for each \"multisave\" or \"batch conversion\", you can disable this feature by leaving the \"Create reports\" unchecked.

    Click on the \"Conversion options\" button to modify some of the conversion parameters, currently this option is only available for the WAVE and the Soundfont formats.

    Wave conversion options :

    >dialog box pic here<

    You can save all samples (this is the default mode), or only the samples that don\'t have a loop or only the looped samples. If you choose to save only the looped samples then you can save the full sample or only the perfect loop which is very useful for porting into Acid (Sonic Foundry).\" (end quote)

    Hope this helps. Seems pretty straightforward so far - but I haven\'t had to use it...

    [This message has been edited by Chadwick (edited 08-31-2000).]

    [This message has been edited by Chadwick (edited 08-31-2000).]

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    Re: Convert .gig instrument file to .wav\'s:How?????

    Chadwick,try again,the author of the program Bernard Chavonett e-mailed me to confirm it does not read Gigasampler cd-roms!!! It only
    creates them (i.e converts to) from either a Samplecell,Akai- S-1000 or a Roland SP-700/760 series format.If you know away around it and get it to work, I\'m all ears.

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    Re: Convert .gig instrument file to .wav\'s:How?????

    Well is my face RED!!!

    No excuses, just didn\'t read the help file carefully enough I suppose.

    Sorry if I got your hopes up unnecessarily

    If I see anything, I\'ll let you know

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    Re: Convert .gig instrument file to .wav\'s:How?????

    How\'s this then.....

    Awave \'Studio\' is shareware - costs $89.95 to register.

    It reads .gig (amongst many other formats) and ouputs a wide variety of formats as well.

    The unregsitered version works, and will save converted files, but has a number of (naturally) annoying shortfalls.

    Translator would be my bet for strict sampler use, but Awave is cheaper.

    Good luck

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    Re: Convert .gig instrument file to .wav\'s:How?????

    Hi Rick,

    I was aware that the program existed tried it finally.The demo version of A-Wave and it has batch conversion which worked fine.They are always raising the cost of this program.
    I guess you can charge that price when there\'s very little competition.Happy Holiday and best wishes.

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    Re: Convert .gig instrument file to .wav\'s:How?????

    Glad to hear it it worked Bruce.

    Enjoy the hol.

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    Re: Convert .gig instrument file to .wav\'s:How?????

    Oy Bruce!!!

    What about the \'converters\' from rubber chicken?

    They only allow a specific conversion, ie single source to single destination, but if that\'s all you need, they\'re only $49.95 each.

    They mention about four at the site, but not a Giga to wav one.

    However, they seem to be a \'boutique\'kind of company and I bet they\'d make you a G>W Converter if you asked nicely.


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