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Topic: Drum Kit From Hell or ?

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    Re: Drum Kit From Hell or ?

    DARREN, what type of music are you wanting to do? I seriously doubt one library will match all your needs. With DFH 2 and Scarbee\'s library being 2-3 DVD\'s, I expect those will come a lot closer then a little $100 library. But still, you will probably still want to eventually buy several libraries.

    I have DFH and really like it. But it took me about 2 hours to get use to it (not too bad). Unfortunately a lot of people I know didn\'t put that 2 hours in and are unhappy with it. Straight out of the box there\'s 2 things about it that are weird and different then other libraries. 1) The mapping of the samples is not General MIDI. I\'ve been use to GM mapping for years so I just expected DFH to be GM. I could NOT get use to the mapping at first - then it hit me and now I think it\'s great. If you use 2 hands to program drums on a keyboard it\'s layed out so your hands mirror each other and once you get the hang, it\'s great.

    The second thing is the sounds. The demos sound great. When you pop the Samples in they sound lifeless at first. That really frustrated me. Then I played the room samples with the raw samples - it sounded huge, but in the mix it sounded very thin. I found if you mix the 2 samples (Close and room) but only put the room samples about maybe 1/2 the volume of the close samples, the sound is most desirable. It\'s worked well for several projects and I often go to DFH first for drums now.

    I also use Joey Kramer drums, Steve Smith drums, and some one shot samples from the Discrete Drums series.

    I\'ll probably order Scarbee\'s when they ship in other formats.


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    Drum Kit From Hell or ?

    I am looking to buy a drum library and have my eye on Drumkit from Hell. Judging from the demos the sound is good and the price is right. I was going to wait fro DFH Superior as it has more kits. But it is also more money, and uses the Kontact player, and is 35 gigabytes! (wasupwitdat?!) I\'ve also considered DR008 and Battery. I\'d love a range of kits from heavy rock to jazz but would settle for 1 nice huge sounding kit. Any input would be appreciated!

    All the best,


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    Re: Drum Kit From Hell or ?

    I have drumkit from hell and think it is amazing. You need some type of sampler to run them though. I am using The dr-008 because of the easy to use interface. Of course drumkitfromhell 2 is sure to be good and it has its own sampler. It is 35 gigabytes because there are so many samples and different kits. There is also BFD which gives amazing mixing capabilities I hear and now Scarbee drums should sound great as well but it all depends on money. I feel I got my money\'s worth and far beyond with drumkit from hell 1 and I don\'t think I need anything more for my style of music (Rock/Metal)

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