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Topic: 2000 or XP for Gigastudio

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    2000 or XP for Gigastudio

    Has anyone seen Gigastudio run on XP and Win 2k? Is there a difference in loading times or efficiency of memory usage? Which OS is preferred?

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    Re: 2000 or XP for Gigastudio

    I have not upgraded my desktop to XP because it is currently so stable I hate to make a change. But, I am running XP on a laptop for portable use of GS. I use it for live performances generally triggering from a MalletKat. It has worked great. I think most of the load speed increases I have witnessed come from the faster processor in the laptop more than from the OS. I did find it more difficult to tweak XP than 98 or ME. But, I think that was my unfamiliarity of the OS when I got the machine. There is probably actually less to tweak now that I know the system a little better.


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