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Topic: Weird aftertouch problem with GigaStudio160

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    Weird aftertouch problem with GigaStudio160

    Hi everyone,

    I wonder if anyone else has had any experience with the following oddity. GigaStudio appears to be misrouting channel aftertouch information to instruments other than those it\'s intended to reach.

    With Larry Seyer\'s Acoustic Upright Bass on channel 1, port 1, I was getting weird pitch glitches on channel 15, port 1 after recording a soprano sax line with a patch from Quantum Leap Brass.

    First I looked at the event list for the sax part in my sequencer (Logic Audio Platinum, Mac), expecting to find aftertouch information causing the glitch that I would simply erase. There was none! Through a process of elimination, I then discovered that the glitches only appeared (same place every time) when playing back with my acoustic bass track. When the bass track was muted, OR WHEN THE BASS TRACK\'S AFTERTOUCH WAS DELETED, the glitches on the sax track stopped!!!

    I eventually had to go without my aftertouch on the bass track. What\'s up with that!!!?!

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    Re: Weird aftertouch problem with GigaStudio160

    Oh I noticed that too. I can\'t use aftertouch at all, and if I by mistake add some of it in my orchestral music, I\'ll have to track it down and delete it, or it\'ll cause vibrato on other channels instruments.... A pain in the *** , but I actually thought it was an error here with Cubase or otherwise. However, maybe not...


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