I use gigasampler to play live from a midi control keyboard with my band and have started putting together .gig files for each of our songs.

Problem is that now we want to do a few shows, I need to have them all loaded at once and easily switchable between songs. I already use program change commands to select the individual instrument within the .gig file (I usually use 2-4 instruments per song).

I was hoping to drop each .gig file onto a separate channel and just change the channel on my midi keyboard for each song, but when I do this, then send a program change, I get the instruments all mixed up on all channels.

I can see from the \'layout\' that GS assigns each instrument a sequential program number, but I don\'t want to have to hunt up and down (effectiveley only using channel 1) with program changes, I want to stick to using programs 1-4 on different channels. I have hunted through the manual to no avail, can anybody please offer some advice?