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Topic: Need help on buying a new keyboard!!!!

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    Need help on buying a new keyboard!!!!


    So I can\'t stand using the friggin mouse anymore, make that four years of agony, and I desperately need a nice 88 key, weighted keyboard, along with some great sounds, midi functions, and overall versatility. I REALLY wanted the Korg Triton Workstation, but $3400 is just too much for my budget. I\'m trying to compromise, and look for a downgrade, possibly, half as much. My budget would hang around $1500 give or take. I thought that maybe the Korg Triton LE would be a great alternative, but I know there are many other great brands besides Korg. Does anyone know what the popular keyboards are among digital composers? I noticed in a picture of Bill Brown\'s studio that he uses a Korg Triton LE. I\'ve been in music stores and played on both the Workstation and LE. The salesman kept telling me \"OMG teh workstation is better, sounds, and features.\" But I don\'t have that kind of cash.

    I also hear the Yamaha Motif series is excellent. Does Roland or Kurzweil make anything worth looking at in that price range? I\'m really looking for \"BANG FOR BUCK\" here. I want to get the most features, best sounds, etc out of the keyboard until I have the money for the full Korg Triton. Anybody with experience around a great keyboard among these brands, or even others I haven\'t listed, please do tell. This is a big purchase, and am very serious about the decision I make. I will take all your comments into serious consideration. Thanks for your time!

    Jared Hudson

    P.S. Is there any great sites or stores with incredible prices? Would a music retailer like Guitar Center or Sam Ash negotiate prices on a keyboard, or are they strictly priced?

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    Re: Need help on buying a new keyboard!!!!

    Wow, man, FOUR years?! I know how you feel, but I\'ve only been without my keyboard for 1 year. I can\'t imagine FOUR! [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]

    I use an old Korg M1, and it has synth action, but GOOD synth action. It doesn\'t have a mod-wheel, and it doesn\'t have 88 keys, but it does have some good classic sounds. The horn sounds are really good considering how old the thing is (around 13 years, I think). You could probably pick one up for 300 bucks.

    Have you looked at the Kurzweil PC series? I\'ve heard good things about those, and they\'re around the 1,500 dollar range. I think they have a good amount of sound banks, too.

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    Re: Need help on buying a new keyboard!!!!

    Yamaha S-90 or Roland XV-88, maybe...

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    Re: Need help on buying a new keyboard!!!!

    It\'s cheaper to buy an 88 weighted keyboard without sounds. You just buy sounds for your harddisk. They always sound better too.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: Need help on buying a new keyboard!!!!

    Well I use a Kort Triton Pro at work, just the 76 key one. It\'s not the most recent model. I think it\'s the first one after the Trinity. You would have a lot of fun with that keyboard. IT has a lot of toys. More toys than it\'s polyphony can handle actually, but really fun nonetheless. You could get a used one of the older Trtions for $1400.00 or so on Ebay.

    However, I would highly recommend the Alesis QS8, or QS8.2. (check it out here). It\'s got a VERY nice feel to it, the piano sounds are incredible, so are the organs, and it\'s got some cool ways to mix sounds, plus you can use Soundbridge to download free sounds over the internet, and there\'s a lot of them (you need an expansion card to do that). Brand new they\'re $1000.00 and you can find the older QS8 for probably 5 to $600.00. Talk about a bang for your buck. It also works great as a midi controller. The interface leaves a bit to be desired, but what keyboard doesn\'t when compared to the Triton. I have a QS8 at home and it will forever be the keyboard I play on and use to control my rack gear.

    Edit: Regarding where to go, musiciansfriend.com has most gear you\'ll be looking at and it\'s owned by Guitar Center (they bought em out) so their prices are competitive and you\'ll save tax if you don\'t live in Cali.

    Edit 2: One thing that makes the Triton so invaluable is that every controller it has on it is programmable. The pitch-bend wheel, mod wheel, ribbon slider and 4 knobs are totally programmable. It also has an IMMENSE amount of effects, and every parameter of every effect can be routed to one of those controllers. The QS8 doesn\'t have a ribbon slider which I\'ve used a lot on the Triton. The QS8 does have 4 regular sliders that are programmable though. K, I\'m done now [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Need help on buying a new keyboard!!!!

    One more thing. It irritated me that The Triton didn\'t have any digital outs. They put digital out on their rack-mount Tritons, but not on the keyboard models. I think the new ones have them now, but that was a big bummer for me [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

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    Re: Need help on buying a new keyboard!!!!

    The Yamaha P250 works great for me. I keep a little Roland PC200 for when I don\'t want the weighted 88 feel (which is almost never). The P250 has a lot of features, plus the piano sound is very expressive...the other sounds are just so so. You do get a GM setup, so you can play midi files and do mock ups and such.

    For 88 and weighted, Yamaha gets it right..IMO of course.

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    Re: Need help on buying a new keyboard!!!!

    Thanks for the suggestions so far guys. I will consider them, although I keep pressuring myself to possibly strive for the full Triton. I find it funny how so many people are praising the Triton as they talk about the lesser keyboards. It\'s like Triton is king, and everything else is the peasants. HAHA! I\'ll keep looking around. Any more comments or suggestions would be great! Thanks.


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    Re: Need help on buying a new keyboard!!!!

    Listen to me and Chocotrax. The sounds are poor and out of fashion before you can say Triton

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: Need help on buying a new keyboard!!!!

    If you buy a 88 weighted soundless keyboard you save money. With that money you can buy far better sounds than what the Triton houses.

    Alex Cremers

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