In case you were considering Reaktor Session for use in Logic 6.1 DON\'T, it may cause serious damage!!

This has to be the most bug ridden, unstable and potentially dangerous pieces of software I\'ve ever come across. I say dangerous because one of the instruments is prone to sudden jumps in volume and when I say jump, I\'m amazed my Genelecs are still intact!!! If my ears are still ringing in the morning I WILL sue!! I can\'t beleive anyone actually tested this software in Logic on the Mac. Judging by posts on NI\'s own forum I\'m not the only unhappy camper either and I wish I\'d read them before I parted with my money. It\'s a pity because there are some amazing sounding synths in there.

I\'m really starting to worry about Native Instruments and their products I have Kontact, DFD STILL doesn\'t work and Giga importing is useless it\'s so bad. I have Pro-53 and that has \"issues\" in Logic 6.